Jinnah BRCC won by 25 runs.
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Jinnah Brescia 118/8 (10) beat Brescia CC 94/6 (10) by 24 runs.
Nisar Ahmed 34 (16) | Qalab Sajjad 3/20 (2)
Imad Khan 38 (23) | Muhammad Imran 3/17 (2)

A thoroughly professional display by Jinnah Brescia! And they struck the right chord from the word go with a wicket off the very first delivery sent down. Sajid Afridi and Imad Khan put that behind them to lead Brescia CC's counter-charge, but once the former perished for 17, it all came down within no time.

Muhammad Imran was the star with the ball, picking up three wickets inside the Powerplay to throw a spanner into the works of the chase. Thereafter, Imad was left with minimal support as wickets tumbled at regular intervals, leaving him with too much to do on his own.

Imad did send a few to the fence but once he departed, the writing was on the wall. The asking rate surged to insurmountable peaks in the slog overs and a clinical bit of execution saw Jinnah Brescia cruise home without a fuss and top the table in the process.
As comprehensive a performance as they come and Jinnah Brescia soar to the top of the points table with a 24-run win!
94 /6 score
cricket bat icon Naveed Chaudhary
30 (14)
cricket bat icon Javed Muhammaad *
6 (4)
cricket ball icon Faisal Shabbir
2 /15
9.6 Faisal Shabbir to Javed Muhammad, low and fast full toss outside leg, following the batter and it gets hit along the ground to long-on for a single but that is the match to JINNAH BRESCIA! 
9.5 Faisal Shabbir to Javed Muhammad, slower ball outside off, it turns out to be a full toss, which gets completely missed as the batter is beaten for pace! 
9.4 Faisal Shabbir to Javed Muhammad, BOUNDARY! Fuller outside leg, batter backs away to hit through off, it takes the inside edge and goes away to fine-leg for FOUR! 
9.3 Faisal Shabbir to Naveed Chaudhary, short on off, and pulled to deep mid-wicket off the back foot, for a run only.
9.2 Faisal Shabbir to Javed Muhammad, good length ball on off-and-middle, slogged over cover for a run off the top edge from the front foot.
Javed Muhammad, RHB, comes to the crease.
9.1 Faisal Shabbir to Qalab Sajjad, THAT'S OUT! Fuller on off, and this full toss gets mishit to long-off for a simple CATCH!
Qalab Sajjad c Hassan Ahmad b Faisal Shabbir 3 (5b 0x4 0x6)
If only these big ones had come a lot earlier in the innings! They've left it far too late have Brescia CC and they now need 32 to win off the last over!
87 /5 score
cricket bat icon Naveed Chaudhary *
29 (13)
cricket bat icon Qalab Sajjad
3 (4)
cricket ball icon Ghulam Farid
0 /16
8.6 Ghulam Farid to Naveed Chaudhary, FINE SHOT TO FINISH THE OVER! Full on off and in the slot again and this one gets CREAMED over long-on for SIX! 
8.5 Ghulam Farid to Qalab Sajjad, full on off-and-middle and another drag to long-on from the crease for one.
8.4 Ghulam Farid to Naveed Chaudhary, fuller and slightly slower outside off and this gets dragged to long-on for a single again.
8.3 Ghulam Farid to Qalab Sajjad, full outside off, hit over cover to the left of long-off for a single only.
8.2 Ghulam Farid to Naveed Chaudhary, fuller on middle, turned away off the inside slice of the bat to square-leg for one.
8.1 Ghulam Farid to Naveed Chaudhary, HARD AND OVER THE ROPE! Full and in the slot on off and this gets MUSCLED over cow corner for a HUGE SIX from the crease! 
Ghulam Farid comes into the attack.

Final rites remain, you'd think. 48 needed off the last two overs and barring a horrific passage of play that sees the bowlers lose their radar altogether, it's hard to fathom Jinnah Brescia not getting past the finish line.