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Brno Rangers 84/6 (10 ov)
Brno Raiders 41/9 (10 ov)
Brno Rangers won by 43 runs.
It was expected to be a cliff-hanger but Brno Rangers have ended up totally domineering the game, winning by a gargantuan margin of 43 runs. It was an extremely uncharacteristic innings for the Raiders, they just never really got going. The openers commenced cautiously but couldn't find any looseners to work with and propel themselves forward. It all just kept felling apart like a house of cards for the Raiders as they lost a batsman after another, ending up at a meager 41/9 in their 10 overs.

The Rangers' bowlers were fabulous, to say the least. A couple of their bowlers ended up with remarkable figures. The most prominent amongst them being Rahat Ali for his three wickets without conceding a single run in his two-over spell. That should be it from Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 8 of the ECN Czech Super Series 2020. On behalf of Momin and Sarthak, ciao!
9.6 S Basu to A Vasudevan, and a flick behind square to end this one-sided match
9.6 S Basu to R Singh, last ball and no wait its a no ball
9.5 S Basu to JS Rathore, low full toss and he drives it. SOme confusion and he is run out
9.4 S Basu to JS Rathore, no run
9.3 S Basu to R Singh, Good length ball. Top edge but in no man's land
9.2 S Basu to R Singh, Another short delivery and this time it goes away for a boundary as the pull shot is timed better
9.1 S Basu to R Singh, Short delivery pulled away behind square. 
Would you believe it? A triple-wicket maiden followed by a double-wicket maiden over! R Ali ends a remarkable spell of 2-0-2. BRD are 30/8 with one over remaining.
8.6 R Ali to B Subramaniam, WICKET! On the middle stump tries to defend it but mid judges the line and he is gone
8.5 R Ali to B Subramaniam, full delivery and misses it
8.4 R Ali to B Subramaniam, good length ball and again just defends it
8.3 R Ali to B Subramaniam, drives it back to the bowler
8.2 R Ali to B Subramaniam, no run as he offers just a defence
8.1 R Ali to P Tripathi, WICKET. Tries to move away from the stumps in an attempt to give himself room and misses the ball 
It's turning into an absolute nightmare now for the Raiders. A dream over for N Ahmed, though - triple-wicket maiden in a T10 game! It does not get any better. BRD are 30/6 after 8.
7.6 N Ahmed to R Singh, offers a dead bat defense
7.5 N Ahmed to D Bhusal, inside edge and onto the stumps. 
7.4 N Ahmed to D Bhusal, no run as the batsman misses the ball
7.3 N Ahmed to G Duraisamy, WICKET! Tries to step out and misses the delivery and gets stumped
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