Brno Raiders 83/4 (10 ov)
Brno Raptors 80/4 (10 ov)
Brno Raiders won by 3 runs.
Raptors got a good start courtesy Jan Hoffmann scoring blistering 32(17), unfortunately got out at the wrong time, if he had got going, things would've looked very different for Raptors. Sandip Naidu 11(21) on the other hand struggled to time and got frustrated to sacrifice his wicket, may be Raptors need to re-think his position in the XI. Ali Kashif kept things interesting in that last over hitting a six, they managed only 1 run from that last ball. Raptors couldn't find boundaries when needed and in the end falling short of 3 runs!

Raiders on the other hand bowled pretty tight, kept Sandip Naidu from scoring anything at all, Hoffmann got under the pressure of keep the score board moving and lost his wicket! Vijay Bijalwan and Piyush Tripathi is the pick of the bowlers for Raiders, not giving anything away!

That's it from Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 6 of the ECN Czech Super Series 2020. Goodbye from me, Pradeep, and my fellow commentator, Karthik Iyer!
Raiders beat Raptors by 3 runs. Excellent game that was!
9.6 A Husain to A Kashif, played to deep cover and they get only a single. BRD wins by 3 runs.
9.5 A Husain to A Kashif, smashed to deep midwicket for a couple. 5 runs required off the last ball.
9.4 A Husain to A Kashif, smashed for a six. 7 required off 2 balls.
9.3 A Husain to A Kashif, full toss played to deep cover for a couple. 13 runs required off 3 balls.
9.2 A Husain to A Kashif, lofted over the bowler and they take a couple.
9.1 A Husain to A Kashif, full toss and V Mehta is run out trying a second run to long-on.
Raptors finding different ways of losing their way in this match, Sandip Naidu struggling, sacrifices himself and M Ansar run out causing issues for them. Excellent over by V Bijalwan, giving just 2 runs, turning point of the match! Raptors need 18 runs from that last over!
8.6 V Bijalwan to V Mehta, beaten trying to make room outside off.
8.5 V Bijalwan to A Kashif, inside-edged for a single.
8.4 V Bijalwan to A Kashif, M Ansar is run out as the ball goes straight to midwicket.
8.3 V Bijalwan to A Kashif, beaten going for a pull shot.
8.3 V Bijalwan to A Kashif, wide outside off.
8.2 V Bijalwan to S Naidu, came down the wicket and deliberately got run out. Sacrificing himself for the betterment of the team!
8.1 V Bijalwan to S Naidu, beaten outside off.
M Ansar hitting one out of the boundary in that over, needed that badly! BRP are 64/1 from 8 overs, they need 20 from final 2!
7.6 D Bhusal to S Naidu, smashed to deep cover for a single.
7.5 D Bhusal to M Ansar, played to cover for a single.
7.4 D Bhusal to S Naidu, lofted to long-on for a single.
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