Brno Rangers 72/6 (10 ov)
Brno Raptors 55/7 (10 ov)
Brno Rangers won by 17 runs.
My word, who would have thought that the Rangers will defend such a meager total and defend it in such a comprehensive manner? They have totally outplayed the Raptors and cruised through by 17 runs.

The tone was set right from the word go with the tragic run-out of J Hoffman. BRG bowlers have kept the opposition batsmen in a pressure cooker from the very start. No freebies, no looseners outside off. Keeping it nice and tight around the stumps and inducing false strokes. R Ali, N Ahmed and TK Lal were incredibly economical and did not allow the Raptors to cut loose at any point. BRG's fielding, too, was right off the charts. They caught almost everything that came their way, including that stellar, one-handed caught and bowled by N Ahmed.

The Raptors will be absolutely gutted with this batting display after a superb show with the ball earlier on. With the loss of Hoffman in the first over, it was always going to be tricky but they needed someone to keep an end occupied. Unfortunately, the wickets kept tumbling and they couldn't fill in the hollow gaps left by the continuous falling of wickets. 

That's it from Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 2 of the ECN Czech Super Series 2020. Goodbye from me, Momin, and my fellow commentator, Karthik!
9.6 S Basu to S Ramaro, lofted to extra cover for a couple. BRG win by 17 runs.
9.5 S Basu to S Ramaro, beaten going for an ugly hoick.
9.4 S Basu to S Ramaro, sliced over point for a couple.
9.3 S Basu to A Dhamdhere, driven to long-off for a single.
9.2 S Basu to S Ramaro, dabbed to point for a single.
9.2 S Basu to S Ramaro, wide and they get a couple of byes as well.
9.1 S Basu to A Dhamdhere, pulled to long-on for a single.
R Ali concludes his brilliant spell of 2-7-2. It's the Rangers' game now, for sure. BRP need 28 from the last over.
8.6 R Ali to S Ramaro, beaten trying to flick it to the leg side.
8.5 R Ali to A Dhamdhere, quick single to short cover.
8.4 R Ali to S Ramaro, outside-edged for a single.
8.3 R Ali to S Roy, lofted and caught at long-on. They are falling off like a house of cards now, one after another.
8.2 R Ali to S Ramaro, driven to cover for a single.
8.1 R Ali to B Madival, lofted to deep midwicket and Naveed takes another catch. Again, cool as a cucumber underneath it as he settles and takes it with absolute ease. Madival perishes.
10 runs off that over, could have got more had the wicket not fallen. They now require 31 off 12 balls with Madival still in there.
7.6 T Kanhya Lal to B Madival, played to point for a single.
7.5 T Kanhya Lal to M Ansar, swung to deep midwicket and is caught. Naveed does a fabulous to not only rush in at pace but also hold on to it inches off the turf. Massive wicket.
7.4 T Kanhya Lal to M Ansar, beaten outside off.
7.3 T Kanhya Lal to M Ansar, played straight to midwicket, no run.
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