106/3 (10)
BSV Britannia
107/2 (9.2)
BSV won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Sanish Goyal
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Britannia 107/2 in 9.2 overs win by 8 wickets.
Sanish Goyal 59(30)
Saad Ali Jan 37*(19)| Imran Bukhari 2//10 in 2 overs.

What a win, what a win for Brittania! After losing their first couple of matches, the defending champions are back to winning ways. Chasing 107 was never going to be an easy task but Britannia made it look like a walk in the park. They lost Negi in the first over but did not look back ever since. Goyal and Ali Jan formed a massive second-wicket partnership to take the game away from Berlin.

They were ruthless in the powerplay and played with calculated risk in the next few overs. Goyal played as the aggressor and Ali Jan kept giving him back the strike. Only Imran Bukhari could trouble the batters as they did not lose any wicket till the penultimate over. Once Bukhari got rid of Goyal, the match looked competitive again but Ali Jan made sure his side was home with four balls to spare.
9.2 Sagar Kataria to Saad Ali Jan, FOUR MORE! GAME, SET AND MATCH! Just the two deliveries that Jan needed to seal the game, they register their first win of the tournament. Back of a length on the outside off, Jan on the backfoot cuts it through the covers, that raced away too to the fence for another boundary.
9.1 Sagar Kataria to Saad Ali Jan, FOUR! Short on the off-stump, didn't get up as much as Kataria expected it to be as Jan swipes that one powerfully, beats the sweeper and picks up a much needed boundary, that should settle some nerves in the dug out.
9.1 Sagar Kataria to Saad Ali Jan, WIDE! Bangs the short delivery but goes way over the batter's head, umpire calls that a wide.
So there is a twist in the tail now. Bukhari has brought his side back into the game and with Goyal's dismissal, it all depends on Ali Jan to finish it off for Brittania.
98 /2 score
cricket bat icon Saad Ali Jan
29 (18)
cricket bat icon Mohan Dayanandan *
1 (3)
cricket ball icon Imran Bukhari
2 /10
8.6 Imran Bukhari to Mohan Dayanandan, OH! Back of a length into Mohan on the leg-stump, he evades it but that was harsh from the umpire, didn't signal that a wide, that didn't go over the leg-stump at all.
8.5 Imran Bukhari to Saad Ali Jan, short on the middle and off, Jan pulls that one away, finds the deep square-leg fielder for just a single. Good over from Bukhari so far, no boundaries conceded.
8.4 Imran Bukhari to Saad Ali Jan, length delivery on the off-stump, Jan heaves that one all along the ground, goes past mid-wicket and they scamper through for a brace.
8.3 Imran Bukhari to Mohan Dayanandan, back of a length on the outside off, Mohan reaches and slaps it down to long-off for one.
8.2 Imran Bukhari to Mohan Dayanandan, back of a length on the off-stump, Mohan goes to pull but he ends up dragging it back on to his thigh. 
Mohan Dayanandan, RHB, comes to the crease
8.1 Imran Bukhari to Sanish Goyal, OUT! UP IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Is there still twist in the tale? Short on the leg-stump, Goyal backing away goes to pull but he's top edged it and the fielder at square-leg settles under it and pouches it.

Sanish Goyal c Akshay Girdhar b Imran Bukhari 59(30b 7x4 3x6)
Ali Jan joins the party now! This has been an incredible batting performance from the Brittania top order and now they are just 13 runs away from victory.
94 /1 score
cricket bat icon Saad Ali Jan *
26 (16)
cricket bat icon Sanish Goyal
59 (29)
cricket ball icon Saddam Gill
0 /25
7.6 Saddam Gill to Saad Ali Jan, FOUR! That boundary spoils the over. Full and in the slot, Jan clears mid-on comfortably, that goes one bounce into the fence for a boundary.
7.5 Saddam Gill to Saad Ali Jan, low full toss on the stumps, Jan misses out as he smacks it straight back past the bowler, crashes into the non-striker's stumps.
7.4 Saddam Gill to Sanish Goyal, low full toss that was angled into Goyal, he lifts it down to long-on, bounces well in front of the fielder as well, picks up a single.
7.3 Saddam Gill to Sanish Goyal, OH! Just evades the keeper, Goyal moves long way across to ramp it over, that might've taken the toe end of the bat, goes wide of the keeper towards fine-leg as they pick up a brace.