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BSC Rehberge 123/3 (10 ov)
BSV Britannia 1/0 (0.1 ov)
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And the expected thriller has been abandoned, with the teams likely to share the the cup in a tie.  The second innings was expected to be a cracker but the weather conditions mean there will be no further play.

Thanks for joining in on Sportskeeda for the coverage for the big finale. This is Azhar along with my colleague Dwijesh signing off. Goodnight ! 
The weather doesn't look good and we are nearing the cut-off time for the start of the match! 
And Play is stopped due to thunder in the background! The umpire has called everyone out of the field as he deems the playing conditions dangerous! There is some rain as well with the square being covered immediately! It doesn't look too serious and we should have the resumption of play in a short while! Fingers crossed!

We will keep you updated on the weather conditions and the resumption of play! Stay tuned!
0.1 Nooruddin Mujadaddy to Sanish Goyal, length ball on middle and off, Sanish plays it to cover and scampers through for a single
At the end of the first innings BSCR are 123/3. A marvelous last over, a good comeback but would that be too late? BSV Briannia need a 124 runs to win the match and lift the title. They do have the batting power to be able to cross the line. One thing is for sure, the second innings is definitely going to be an entertaining one
9.6 Waqas Virk to Ali Butt, short ball on middle and leg, Ali is hurried into the pull shot but he does get something on it and scurries for a quick single! With that the Rehberge innings comes to an end as they finish with a mammoth 123 for 3 in their allotted quota of ten overs!
9.5 Waqas Virk to Shahnawaz Ahmad, Ahmad walks across his stumps and shows all of his stumps! He gets a full-toss on the stumps but can only top-edge it to the man at deep square leg, who takes a good catch! End of a potentially match-winning knock from Ahmad!
9.4 Waqas Virk to Ali Butt, Butt manages to come through for a quick single to give the strike back to Ahmad!
9.3 Waqas Virk to Shahnawaz Ahmad, short ball outside off, Ahmad plays it in the air to sweeper cover, where the fielder drops it!
9.2 Waqas Virk to Nooruddin Mujadaddy, WICKET! Brilliant catch from Rohit! Noor lofts it towards long-on where Rohit takes a good running catch! Second one down for BSCR!
9.1 Waqas Virk to Shahnawaz Ahmad, one bye taken as Ahmad misses out on a loose ball outside leg!
At the end of the ninth over BSCR are 119/1. All looking good for BSCR 
8.6 Kumar Shouradhya to Shahnawaz Ahmad, length ball outside off, Ahmad smashes it past the bowler, who ducks for cover, to the long-off fielder and retains strike for the final over!
8.5 Kumar Shouradhya to Nooruddin Mujadaddy, slower ball outside off, Noor gets down low and lofts it straight down the ground for a single
8.4 Kumar Shouradhya to Shahnawaz Ahmad, IN THE AIR AND FALLS SAFE! Short ball aimed at the body, Ahmad mistimes a pull but gets away with it!
8.3 Kumar Shouradhya to Shahnawaz Ahmad, Ahmad has his revenge! Full ball on middle and leg, Ahmad comes down the track and smashes it over long-on for perhaps the biggest six of the match!
8.2 Kumar Shouradhya to Shahnawaz Ahmad, OUCH! THAT HAS TO HURT! A pacy ball angled into the batsman, Ahmad misses with a slog but unfortunately for Ahmad, the ball hits him in the box! He is in some pain here and we might be in for a short delay!
8.1 Kumar Shouradhya to Shahnawaz Ahmad, FOUR! Full ball outside off, Ahmad carves one over backward point for a four but is helped by some poor fielding on that occasion!
At the end of the eight over BSCR are 106/1 . The hundred mark is up and what initially seemed to be a decent over has now costed 12 runs. 
7.6 Waleed Ahmed to Nooruddin Mujadaddy, SIX! Back of a length delivery once again and Noor has pulled it effortlessly over the midwicket region for his first six as Waleed completes his spell!
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