USG Chemnitz 94/4 (10 ov)
BSV Britannia 81/5 (10 ov)
USG Chemnitz won by 13 runs.
They started off the run chase in fine fashion with Vijay sending Adithya all over the ground for 17 runs in the first over, but, after that things never really kicked on for BSVB as they kept losing wickets in regular intervals which put the brakes on their scoring rate. Mohit Negi top-scored for BSVB with 29 but took 23 balls to score that runs.

It was a fantastic overall bowling display from the USGC side as they kept things in check right through the innings. Rajesh the captain was the pick of the bowlers with 2/12 off his 2 overs. Adith and Abdul picked up a solitary wicket to finish a comprehensive victory.

So that’s all from me, Prashanth Satish, and my colleague, Abhinav Singh. Stay Tuned to Sportskeeda for live coverage of all the cricketing action from across the globe. Till we meet again, Stay safe and Goodbye!
USGC win by 13 runs!
9.6 Sahith Reddy to Faisal Khan, back of length delivery, Khan goes on the back foot and cuts the ball to sweeper cover for a single to finish the inning! A disappointing end for the BSVB side who are looking absolutely tired after playing three games on the trot!
9.5 Sahith Reddy to Faisal Khan, short ball on the pads, slapped behind square for a couple of runs! Sandan wanted to come back for a third but sent back by Khan
9.4 Sahith Reddy to Faisal Khan, slow ball outside off, mis-edged to third man for a couple of runs. Last rites being done now.
9.3 Sahith Reddy to Faisal Khan, RUNOUT! length ball on the fourth stump line, dragged to deep midwicket for a single! Waqas tried coming for a second but ended up being short of his crease and he continues running to the pavilion! That is the game for BSVB, no way back from here for them.
9.2 Sahith Reddy to W Virk, short of length, cut ferociously to deep point for a single. Just a single and that won't help.
9.1 Sahith Reddy to Virk, full ball, batsman comes down the track, gets bottom edge and the keeper is beaten and ball races away to fine leg boundary. They will take the runs however it comes at this stage.
Sahith Reddy to bowl the final over for USGC
At the end of the 9th over BSVB are 70/4. They need another 25 runs off 6 balls. Terrific over from Basir, an exhibition of controlled quality death bowling in that over. That looks like it's curtains for BSVB in this game unless something miraculous happens.
8.6 Abdul Basir to Mohit Negi, OUT! High fulltoss, Negi comes down the track but lobs it straight up in the air towards long on where the fielder stationed takes easiest of the catches to send BSVB's last hope to the pavilion!
8.5 Abdul Basir to Faisal Khan, in the blockhole this time and played straight to extra cover for a solitary run
8.4 Abdul Basir to Faisal Khan, banged in short this time and Khan looked surprised by that ball! Excellent thinking from Basir!
8.3 Abdul Basir to Faisal Khan, in the blockhole, carved to sweeper cover for a quick brace! They need boundaries, this is slipping away from their reach.
8.2 Abdul Basir to Mohit Negi, short of length delivery, gets the batsman's under edge to fine leg for only a single! Close shave for Negi who nearly chopped this one onto the stumps
8.1 Abdul Basir to Faisal Khan, length ball in the slot and hit straight down to long on for a solitary run! Pressure on BSVB. That will bring Negi back on strike.
Basir to bowl the penultimate over.
At the end of the 8th over BSVB are 65/3. They need another 30 runs in 2 overs. Slowly with some big hits Negi getting BSVB back into that one. They need a lot more than that at this stage.
7.6 Gopinath Manoharan to Mohit Negi, overpitched yet again, Negi has his dancing shoes on and swats the ball over deep midwicket fielder for a boundary!
7.5 Gopinath Manoharan to Mohit Negi, low fulltoss, hit straight to extra cover fielder for no run
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