Royal Rhinos 112/9 (20 ov)
Buffalo Blaster 115/1 (12.3 ov)
Buffalo Blaster won by 9 wickets
Buffalo Blasters manage to win this game by 9 wickets and 45 balls to spare!!!

And thus the Royal Rhinos end their tournament with a loss and unfortunately for them they could now not manage to get even qin in this tournament!! They posted a target of 113 runs batting 1st and was surely not enough and they needed to pull off a miracle to defend this total which they failed to do soo!!

The Buffalo Blasters with the bat was in command throughout as the batters Ankit Bhagel managed to score a quickfire 33 runs in 15 balls and set the tone for his side and later Omari Kitunda played a brilliant 41 run knock in 33 balls and was unbeaten along with Vishal Patel who scored 35 runs in 27 balls as they managed to close the game in 13 overs!!!

That's it for the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the game between the Buffalo Blasters and Royal Rhinos. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Pradeep Somashekar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
12.3 A Salim to M Omari, SIX! Omari wants to waste no time and this time he powers the short delivery towards deep midwicket boundary for a maximum to finish things off in style! Buffalo Blasters win this match convincingly by 9 wickets!
12.2 A Salim to M Omari, this time Omari cuts it well and the fielder manages to stop it, they get a couple! Equation now down to 3 runs!!
12.1 A Salim to M Omari, SIX! Omari is in red hot form, he towers another maximum and he sends that over long-on boundary! Only 5 runs needed now BB to seal the win!!!
At the end of the 12th over BB is 102/1. 8 runs come in this over as the 1st ball was hit for a six by Vishal and they cross the 100 run mark!! BB now needs 11 runs in 48 balls!!! 
11.6 J Masquator to M Omari, fired in and it was hit towards extra cover region for a single!
11.5 J Masquator to M Omari, bowled on the offside, batsman defends it!
11.4 J Masquator to M Omari, Omari fails to connect this time, beaten!
11.3 J Masquator to V Patel, managed to get a single this time! The equation now down to 12 runs!!!
11.2 J Masquator to V Patel, SIX! Vishal comes down the track and powers that one over the long-off fielder, maximum! And with that SIX it's 100 runs up for BB they now need just 13 runs to win this one!!
11.1 J Masquator to V Patel, just defended on the offside this time and no run took!!
At the end of the 11th over BB is 94/1. Both the BB batters look relaxed as they are now jogging through for the singles and doubles!! BB now needs 19 runs in 54 balls
10.6 Y Hirwani to M Omari, full on the off stump and Omari drives that very well to pick up a couple towards extra cover region!
10.5 Y Hirwani to V Patel, Vishal drives that straight towards long off fielder for a single!
10.4 Y Hirwani to M Omari, back of a length delivery this time and Omari drills that towards extra cover region for a single!
10.3 Y Hirwani to V Patel, short on the leg stump, Vishal smacks that towards deep mid wicket, they just get a single!
10.2 Y Hirwani to M Omari, Omari drives that emphatically towards long off fielder, just a single!
10.1 Y Hirwani to M Omari, no run taken! just hits that towards cover region!
At the halfway through the innings, BB is 88/1. BB in a dominant position in this game as they are cruising through towards the target. RR not helping themselves as they have a couple of misfields in this over. BB now need 25 runs in 60 balls 
9.6 A Mwamele to M Omari, tossed up and Omari drives that beautifully towards extra cover, just a single!
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