Catalunya Tigers CC 174/2 (10 ov)
Bengali CC 114/4 (10 ov)
Catalunya Tigers CC won by 60 runs.
Player of the match: Mustansar Iqbal
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So the Tigers have won this game and have sealed a berth in the semi-finals. A masterclass century by Mustansar Iqbal was the highlight of this match. 
Bengalis did enjoy their stay in the middle. Omar Ali being the highest scorer,  61 runs off just 30 balls for Bengali. He hit some drooling shots during his stay. Tamjid Bepari down the order hit 16 runs and Mosaraf Hossain scored 17 runs. Nothing much from the rest others. A hell show by Bengali's bowling unit, being thrashed by Tigers. 
Game over. Bengali have been handed another loss and Tigers win their must win game. They win this game pretty massively. Catalunya Tigers have won the match handsomely by 60 runs. What a match. Both sides scoring 100+ and still one of the side winning by 60 huge runs. The chase started with a 3 run over but Bengali's openers shifted gears in the next over and reached 34 without a loss after 3 the overs, equalling Tiger's powerplay score of their inning. But the 4th over got the wicket of Mosaraf Hossain who was clean bowled by Asad Ali. That was the wicket needed desperately by Tigers as the opening duo was turning out to be deadly. The pitch was flattish and the boundaries short as well which resulted in this high scoring match, not taking away any credit from Iqbal's class apart show with the bat.  Muhammad Kashif was the stand out performer with the ball, giving away just 6 runs in his spell though did not get any wicket. Yasir Ali was decent with the ball as well as he got a wicket and gave away just 15 runs in his spell. Muhammad Armghan Khan got a wicket to his name as well but went for a 22 run over. Only 2 extras were given, showing a very disciplined bowling by the bowlers.
Over: 10 | Summary: 4 W 4 6 1w 1 4 Bowler: Muhammad Armghan Khan Score: 112/3
9.6 Muhammad Armghan Khan to MD Arifur Rahman, SIX! Back of a length delivery on middle stump, Rahman absolutely dispatches this over midwicket for a towering six. Doesn't count for much but jeez that was huge! The Tigers seal their place in the semis!

Catalunya Tigers win by 60 runs.
9.5 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Tamjid Bepari, good length delivery on middle stump, swiped towards deep midwicket, for a single
9.4 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Tamjid Bepari, drifting down the leg side for a wide
9.4 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Tamjid Bepari, SIX! Full toss on middle stump, Bepari clobbers this over midwicket for a huge maximum
9.3 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Tamjid Bepari, FOUR! Overpitched delivery on middle stump, Bepari smashes it down the ground for a boundary!

9.2 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Omar Ali, OUT! CAUGHT! Length delivery on middle stump, Ali goes for another big hit but it's right down the throat of the long on fielder this time. Ali has to depart after an entertaining knock!
9.1 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Omar Ali, length delivery on middle and leg, Ali swipes it towards deep square leg, for a boundary
Omaar Ali has now slowed down, credit to the bowlers may be? Or is he thinking that nothing good will come out even if he himself scores 80-90 runs as the match is pretty much lost already. His slowing down may ensure Tiger's qualification.
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 1 1 1 1 1 Bowler: Yasir Ali Score: 89/2
8.6 Yasir Ali to Tamjid Bepari, FOUR! Back of a length delivery on middle and leg, the batsman pulls it behind square, for a boundary
8.5 Yasir Ali to Omar Ali, length delivery on off stump, Ali steps down the track and drives it towards long on, for a single
8.4 Yasir Ali to Tamjid Bepari, full delivery angling into the batsman, who swipes it towards square leg, for a single
8.3 Yasir Ali to Omar Ali, full delivery fired into leg stump, Ali digs out a drive towards cover, for a single
8.2 Yasir Ali to Riaz Howlader, good length delivery on middle stump, Riaz steps down the track and chips it over the bowlers head, for a single
With all the other bowlers going for soo much runs, Muhammad Kashif has been incredible andthe stand out bowler. He has given just6 runs i his spell. Even though the win was already pretty impossible for Bengali, but Kashif has ensured a huge margi win as that will be the deciding part.
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