Catalunya Tigers CC 100/2 (10 ov)
Fateh CC 50/10 (8.3 ov)
Catalunya Tigers CC won by 50 runs.
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CTT win the match by 50 runs

They had promising start as they started their innings with a six, but things began going down hill from there on. A wicket fell in the last over of the powerplay and all the batsmen followed it like a procession and fell apart one after the other. No body seemed to stay at long at the crease and fell like a pack of card, folding up on half of the target CTT set for them. Happy Singh, Manvir Singh and Manish Kumar Tokhi were the only batsmen who tried hard, but they didn't give in much of the efforts to stay in for long and perished to the building pressure on them.

Clinical as they were with the bat, CTT were even more ruthless with the ball. They did all the damage starting from the 3rd over and chipped in regular wickets to fold them up for a mere 50 runs. All the bowlers picked wickets but it was Razaqat Ali who struck with 3 wickets and didn't allow the batsmen to free their arms and score. 
8.3 Ghulam Sarwar to Manish Kumar Tokhi, OUT! BOWLED HIM! And that's the win for the Tigers as the skipper Sarwar gets Tokhi out bowled! The ball was pitched up and the batsman tried to swing hard but misses and the stumps were cleaned up!

CTT have won the match by 50 runs!
8.2 Ghulam Sarwar to Manish Kumar Tokhi, slow and outside off as the batsman defends it for a dot
8.1 Ghulam Sarwar to Manish Kumar Tokhi, full and outside off as Tokhi works that down to the deep cover region and the pair run two!
Good action filled over, but for Fateh CC the contest is technically over. They lost 2 wickets in the over but had 2 sixes to salvage spme pride there. 
They are on 47/9 after 8 overs
7.6 Razaqat Ali to Manish Kumar Tokhi, tossed up as the batsman gets the inside edge down to the leg side and they take a single
7.5 Razaqat Ali to Manish Kumar Tokhi, SIX! Tokhi has clobbered that one over the long on boundary and clears the rope easily with the hoick! Facing a hat trick ball there, Tokhi just tonks that with all the power in the world and it travels over the ropes for a maximum 
7.4 Razaqat Ali to Amanbir Singh Sran,OUT! CAUGHT IN THE DEEP! full and in the slot as Sran lofts it in the cow corner but the fielder on the rope does well to take the catch! Hat-trick chance for Ali now! Another wicket falls but in a attempt to get a hit. Hattrick on the cards for Ali there ?
7.3 Razaqat Ali to Manvir Singh, OUT! ANOTHER ONE! Eight down for the Fateh CC side as Ali has bowled Siingh out who steps out to play the shot but the ball is onto the stumps! Another nail in the coffin for Fateh CC as their grim batting tale continues for them. A sad tale for them as they haven't performed well
7.2 Razaqat Ali to Manvir Singh, SIX! That one was way over the long on boundary as Ali pitched it up and Singh pounced on it with force!
7.1 Razaqat Ali to Manish Kumar Tokhi, slower one from Ali to start as the batsman works it down to the cover region for one
6.6 Ghulam Sarwar to Manvir Singh, two more for Singh to end the over for the batting side there
6.5 Ghulam Sarwar to Manvir Singh, slower one from the bowler as Singh works it down to the mid wicket area and takes two 
6.4 Ghulam Sarwar to Manish Kumar Tokhi, single taken towards the square leg region as the new man works it off his pads to get off the mark
6.3 Ghulam Sarwar to Manish Kumar Tokhi, dot ball to start off for the new man as he defends the straight delivery to the bowler
6.2 Ghulam Sarwar to Kuldeep Singh, CAUGHT AND BOWLED! The slower one floated in by Sarwar as the batsman smashes it but the bowler plucks it out of the air to get the wicket! Got a clean strike on that one but a great catch from Sarwar there makes sure that he takes the long walk back in the pavillion. 7th wicket down for Fateh CC
6.1 Ghulam Sarwar to Kuldeep Singh, slower one to start off as the batsman moves across the crease and the keeper collects for a dot
The trouble continues to build on the FCC batting lineup. They haven't been able to get the big hits and have absolutely gifted away their wickets to the bowler. Yet another wicket falls for them in the over as they are on 29/6 after 6 overs
5.6 Razaqat Ali to Randip Singh Daid, OUT! Ali is rewarded for his consistency as he rattles the stumps after Daid misses the big shot. Good over from the new man in to bowl! Looked to have a big heave at the ball and hit it with disdain but failed with the pressure mounting up on his shoulders.
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