Catalunya Tigers CC 129/4 (10 ov)
Pak I Care 133/3 (9.4 ov)
Pak I Care won by 7 wickets
So, that is it from me, Karthik Raj and my co-commentator, Sameer Deodhar. Stay tuned to the remainder of this ECS Barcelona Bash tournament.
Wow. The game ends with four byes as Farhat Azeem completely missed the ball. PAK I Care wrap up the victory with two balls to spare. After a poor first over from Muhammad Zeeshan, Muhammad Kamran came up with a fantastic second over to dismiss Muhammad Ihsan. However, Muhammad Kamran and Syed Hashim Mir joined together to stitch a decent 44-run partnership. However, even after Muhammad Kamran fell in the sixth over, Catalunya Tigers seemed to be in front but the opposition skipper Shehroz Ahmed completely changed the scenario with six sixes and a boundary off his first seven balls. He continued to power on and reached his fifty off just ten balls. Both Shehroz and Hashim slowed down a bit in the last few deliveries but PAK I Care crossed the winning line through a lucky four byes off the third fourth delivery in the final over.
9.4 Umair Aftab to Farhat Azeem, FOUR BYES! Azeem misses the wild swing and the full delivery misses the leg stump by a whisker before going over to the fence!
What an anti-climatic wicket!!
Shehroz Ahmed couldn't miss a ball before this over but he has been suddenly bowled by Umair Aftab. PAK I Care still need one run off three balls
9.3 Umair Aftab to Shehroz Ahmed, OUT! Ahmed goes for a big slog on the full delivery and misses! The ball crashes into the middle stump and the blitzkrieg from Shehroz Ahmed comes to an end!
9.2 Umair Aftab to Shehroz Ahmed, whips out the yorker to short mid-wicket for no runs
9.1 Umair Aftab to Syed Hashim Mir, miss  wild slog on a slower delivery outside off and the batsmen take a bye as the keeper fails to collect the ball
Another six to round off the over. Shehroz Ahmed moves onto 59 runs off 15 balls. PAK I Care only need two runs to register their victory
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 1 1 1 0 6 Bowler: Adeel Sarwar Score: 128/2
8.6 Adeel Sarwar to Shehroz Ahmed, SIX! Waits for the full delivery to land in his arc and then hoicks it over the bowler's head for a huge six!
8.5 Adeel Sarwar to Shehroz Ahmed, misses a whack off his pads as the quicker one beats the bat
8.4 Adeel Sarwar to Syed Hashim Mir, charges down the track and nudges the back of a length delivery into the leg side for a quick single
Drop catch and the short third-man fielder drops it!!
Hashim pre-meditated his reverse sweep and almost gave catching practice. However, he is lucky to survive as the short third-man fielder puts it down
8.3 Adeel Sarwar to Shehroz Ahmed, slaps a short ball outside off to long-on for another single
8.2 Adeel Sarwar to Syed Hashim Mir, reverse sweeps a full toss outside off to backward point and gets Ahmed on strike again
8.1 Adeel Sarwar to Shehroz Ahmed, full delivery on of-stump slapped to long-off for a single
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 6 0 4 6 1 Bowler: Ghulam Sarwar Score: 118/2
7.6 Ghulam Sarwar to Shehroz Ahmed, punches the slower one into the off-side to keep strike for the next over
Remarkable fifty from Shehroz Ahmed!
50 off 10 balls for Shehroz Ahmed as he slogs another six over wide long-on. Incredible big hitting from the PAK I Care skipper
7.5 Ghulam Sarwar to Shehroz Ahmed, SIX! A 10-ball half-century from Shehroz Ahmed! What an innings he has played so far. Coming to the ball, he smoked the half-volley over the bowler's head for a maximum!
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