Central Castries 71/10 (9.1 ov)
Gros Islet Cannon Blasters won by 32 runs.
Gros Islet Cannon Blasters have pulled off a stunner as they win this one by a fair margin of 32 runs!!
At the halfway mark the game very much looked in the favor of CCMH as they restricted the GCB for just 102 runs. The CCMH had quite a similar start with the bat as the GCB where they kept the runs flowing and kept losing wickets as well but unfortunately, the damage was too much for the CCMH as their batting lineup collapsed altogether with the highest scorer being S Naitram who scored 17 runs. With this, the CCMH becomes the 1st team to be bowled out in this tournament.

That's it for the game. We hope you all enjoyed this coverage of what turned out to be an amazing bowling performance by GCB. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for more of the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Dwijesh Reddy signing off till then take care and stay safe !!
9.1 D Edward to D John, BOWLED! A full ball from Edward and John plays an ugly shot and fails to connect! The final wicket falls and Gros Islets Cannon Blasters have beaten Central Castries by 32 runs!
CCMH is 71 for 9 after 9 overs !!
A good penultimate over by L Soloman as he takes 2 wickets in this over and pretty much puts the game in the favor of GCB !!
8.6 L Soloman to J Elibox, WICKET! Elibox looks to heave a full bal to the leg side but a good catch by Polius at short mid-wicket. Brilliant end to the over from Soloman! That should be the game!
8.5 L Soloman to J Elibox, BEATEN! Solo angles it into the bat and beats the bat comprehensively. 
8.4 L Soloman to J Elibox, INNOVATION FROM ELIBOX! FOUR! A length ball from Soloman and Elibox shuffles and scoops it to fine-leg for a four!
8.3 L Soloman to J Elibox, Elibox pushes it for a run but gets an extra run via an overthrow!
8.2 L Soloman to Alvin Prospere, WICKET! Huge leading edge on that occasion off a full ball on leg stump. The edge balloons to the third man region, where the fielder holds on to a very easy one! That should be the end of CCMH's hopes. Perhaps a miracle?
8.1 L Soloman to J Elibox, low full-toss outside off, Elibox can only drill it long-off for a run!
At the end of the 8th over CCMH are 64 for 7, they now need 40 runs off 12 deliveries. The GCB looks very much in control of this game, and CCMH now needs a miracle to win this one.
7.6 L Edwards to Alvin Prospere, FOUR! Short ball once again but it was asking to be hit. Alvin lofts it over the inner circle for a lovely four!
7.5 L Edwards to Alvin Prospere, full ball on to the stumps, Alvin hits it back to the bowler!
7.4 L Edwards to Alvin Prospere, dot ball, Alvin looks to steal a leg-bye but is sent back by his partner!
7.3 L Edwards to J Elibox, short ball on middle stump, Elibox lobs it over the bowler's head for a run!
7.2 L Edwards to Alleyne Prospere, WICKET! Full and fired into the pads by Edwards and Prospere tries to heave it over long-off. The fielder there takes a good low catch to send Prospere back to the hut! Seven down now for CCMH and it is not looking good!
7.1 L Edwards to Alleyne Prospere, pushed to covers, no run!
The CCMH now looks in trouble as the run rate now climbs up and they keep losing wickets too !!! At the end of the 7th over CCMH are 59 for 6. 
They now need 45 of the remaining 18 balls.
6.6 D Polius to J Elibox, EDGE AND FOUR! Polius angles it into Elibox, who gets an edge past the keeper and the fine-leg fielder for a four!
6.5 D Polius to A Auguste, short on off-stump and OUT! Auguste pulls it firmly but unfortunately, he hits it straight to the deep midwicket fielder, who takes a composed catch at the edge of the boundary!
6.4 D Polius to A Prospere, played down the ground for a single!
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