Central Castries 98/6 (10 ov)
Mon Repos Stars 90/7 (10 ov)
Central Castries won by 8 runs.
Mon Repos Stars have thrown this away. With 29 needed in 18 balls and 7 wickets in hands, you need to play really awful to lose the match, exactly what Stars did. Castries shouldn't be very proud of their performance too. They were pathetic in the field and must admit that they've been very lucky to emerge victorious. Stars, just like Castries lost two quick wickets before Emmanuel and Charlery stabilized their innings. However, it was the partnership of Emmanuel and Mervin Wells that provided the much needed momentum to the Stars. Everything was right till the 7th over before Emmanuel had a brain fade moment and cost Wells his wicket via run out. The next delivery he too departed due to some poor judgement. That over turned the game on it's head and Stars could not recover from there, eventually losing the game by 8 runs.
So, that's it from today's game. Do tune in to Sportskeeda tomorrow as Mon Repos Stars looks to revive themselves against South Castries Lions. My friend, Dwijesh Reddy might have slept but I need some dose of my favorite Ice cream, you too can have one. So, Eat, Sleep or do whatever you want to do. Take care and have fun!!! 
MPS  90/6 at the end of innings. Central Castries win by 8 runs
9.6 Alleyn Prospere to Keon Gaston, full ball just outside off stump and Gaston defends it back to the bowler. That is the end of the match as Central Castries beat Mon Repos Stars by 8 runs!
9.5 Alleyn Prospere to Garey Mathurin, short ball on to the stumps, Mathurin can only get a single with a pull shot to midwicket!
9.4 Alleyn Prospere to Garey Mathurin, full ball outside off, Mathurin gets an edge to third man but he does come back for a two!
9.3 Alleyn Prospere to Kevin Augustin, THAT'S IT! THAT IS THE CATCH OF THE TOURNAMENT FROM STEPHEN NAITRAM! He has pulled off a Kieron Pollard-style stunner at long-off as Kevin looks to blast one over the long-on boundary but Naitram has other ideas and takes it one-handed in the air! 
9.2 Alleyn Prospere to Kevin Augustin, DROPPED! Augustin mistimes a pull straight to Alvin Prospere, who did take it initially but the ball pops out of his hands as he takes a tumble! Two runs added either way! 
9.1 Alleyn Prospere to Garey Mathurin, length ball bowled fast on off-stump, Mathurin hits it down the ground for only a run. The Stars need a boundary or two here. 14 needed off 5 now!
MRS 83/6 after 9. Brilliant over by Sookwa, just three off it. This is turning into a nailbiter. 
8.6 Tyler Sookwa to Kevin Augustin, length ball on leg-stump, Kevin tucks it towards the leg-side and take the fielder on for two. They complete it very easily. That means that the Stars need 15 off the final over!
8.5 Tyler Sookwa to Kevin Augustin, DOT BALL! Sookwa bowls another slow ball, full and angling into the pads, Kevin fails to get bat on ball and is denied a leg-bye by Sookwa!
8.4 Tyler Sookwa to Garey Mathurin, full ball pitched outside off, Mathurin plays it down the ground for a run. 17 needed off 8. This is getting intense with each passing ball! 
8.3 Tyler Sookwa to Garey Mathurin, short and wide outside off, Mathurin looks to dab that one but misses. 18 needed off 9 balls now!
8.2 Tyler Sookwa to Rohan Lesmond, TIMBERR! Sookwa has sent Lesmond's off-stump cartwheeling with a clever change of pace! Lesmond looks to drive it but misses it completely and has to depart! 18 required off 10 now!
8.1 Tyler Sookwa to Kevin Augustin, short ball angled into the batsman, Augustin wears it on the body but gets around for a quick leg-bye
MRS  80/5 after 8. 19 required from 12 balls
7.6 Sanjay Hayle to Rohan Lesmond, SIX! Much-needed this from Rohan, who picks the change of pace and lofts a full ball effortless over the long-on fielder.
7.5 Sanjay Hayle to Kevin Augustin, similar ball once again and Augustin glides that one to fine-leg for his first run of the innings!
7.4 Sanjay Hayle to Rohan Lesmond, shorter ball pitched on off-stump, Rohan guides it to third-man for a run
7.3 Sanjay Hayle to Rohan Lesmond, length ball angled into the batsman, raps the batsman on the pads. No runs off it
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