Soufriere Sulphir 90/5 (10 ov)
Choiseul Clay Pots 95/2 (8.4 ov)
Choiseul Clay Pots won by 8 wickets
A lot of technical issues and snags have dominated the stream so far and that has unfortunately not allowed us to bring you ball-by-ball updates of everything that is unfolding in St.Lucia. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to bring you a better coverage for the games slated for tomorrow.
Soufriere Sulphur City Stars have made a cautious start to their innings. They have lost the wicket of Xytus Emmanuel on the second ball of the innings. The Stars are struggling at 6/1 at the end of 1.1 overs.
We are facing technical difficulties. We will be back shortly with live updates!
1.1 S Laffeuille to D Monrose, angled into the batsman and hits him on the pads, they steal a leg-bye!
1.1 S Laffeuille to D Monrose, ANOTHER WIDE OUTSIDE OFF! Sky is struggling with his line!
1.1 S Laffeuille to D Monrose, WIDE! The bowler missing his line here and the umpire signals a wide.
0.6 B Bess to D Monrose, short ball on to the chest, Monrose turns it away for a single!
0.5 B Bess to D Monrose, JAFFA! Beaten all ends up! That is a peach of a delivery!
0.4 B Bess to D Monrose, another length ball outside off, Monrose has a go at it and misses!
0.3 B Bess to A Hippoltye, played to third man for a single!
0.2 B Bess to X Emmanuel, WICKET! Xytus looks to go over the covers region but he picks the deep fielder to perfection! Just the start the City Stars would've wanted!
0.1 B Bess to X Emmanuel, another one wide outside off, Xytus fails to get bat on ball!
0.1 B Bess to X Emmanuel, WIDE outside off! There is some good swing on offer here!
Toss Update: SSCS won the toss and opt to bat
Team News:

Choiseul Clay Pots Playing XI: Jason Smith, Junior Henry, Vince Smith, Audy Alexander(c), Valange St. Ange, Nick Joseph, Canice Richardson, Stephan Theophan, Alvinaus Simon, Bronte Bess and Sky Laffeuille

Soufriere Sulphur City Stars Playing XI: Tennacy Hippoltye, Xytus Emmanuel, Ashley Hippoltye, Shani Mesmain(c), Dalius Monrose, Denver Didier, Quint Mesmain, Wayne Prospere, Sanjay Pamphile, Bradley Tisson and Kervell Prospere
Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to SK's live coverage of the St Lucia T10 Blast. The tournament kicks off with a marquee clash between Choiseul Clay Pots and Soufriere Sulphur City Stars. Both sides look dominant on paper and would be aiming for a victorious start today. Both the Clay Pots and City Stars are bound to give in their best as they put forth the West Indian flair, that we all love so much. So sit back and relax as I, Dwijesh Reddy and my colleague, Maanas Upadhyay, bring you all the live updates for the next hour or two!

Team News and Toss Update in a bit! Stay tuned!
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