Chui Challengers 162/5 (20 ov)
Simba Kings 115/10 (18.4 ov)
Chui Challengers won by 47 runs.
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Chui Challengers have won the match by 49 runs! Samba Kings have been bowled out for a paltry total of 115 runs.

The Simba Kings never got going as they kept losing wickets at regular intervals. There was some intent shown by Ivan Ismail who scored 34(16) but the other batsmen could not do score runs. Kaduma scored a slow 33-ball 23 while Gokul Das scored a gritty 32-ball 29 but they could not convert their starts and in the end the Kings fell short by 49 runs.

Jitin Singh was the pick of the bowler as he took 3 wickets and conceded only 24 runs in his 4 overs. Riziko Kitizo too picked up 2 wickets while Pala, Nyamko and Salum picked up a solitary wicket each. All-in-all, a comprehensive win for the the Challengers. 

Jitin Singh is awarded with the Man of the Match award for his brilliant performance of 66(65) and 3-24(4).
18.4 Kiseto to Salmini, OUT! Full delivery on the stumps pushed to deep mid-wicket and Kiseto is run-out at the non-striker's end on the second run!
18.3 Kiseto to Kiseto, Full and flighted delivery outside off driven on the off-side
18.2 Kiseto to Kiseto, Full delivery on the stumps defended off the front-foot
18.1 Kiseto to V. Pindoria, OUT! Full delivery on the stumps and Pindoria misses the slog!
Simba Kings are 113/8 after 18 overs. They now need 50 runs from 2 overs at 25 runs per over. A brilliant over with one wicket as SK now need an improbable 25 runs from 2 overs.
17.6 Salumu to Salmini, Full delivery on the stumps defended on the off-side
17.5 Salumu to Gokul, OUT! Length ball outside off and Gokul has played it straight to the point fielder!
17.4 Salumu to V. Pindoria, Length ball on the stumps hit on the leg side for another single
17.3 Salumu to Gokul, Full delivery on the stumps pushed to long-on for a single
17.2 Salumu to V. Pindoria, Full delivery outside off driven to covers
17.1 Salumu to V. Pindoria, Full delivery on the pads played towards square leg for a single
Simba Kings are 111/7 after 17 overs. They now need 52 runs from 3 overs at 17.33 runs per over. The match is now the Challengers' to lose.
16.6 Kiseto to M. Ali, OUT! Full delivery on middle stump and the slog sweeps goes straight to the fielder at deep square leg!
16.5 Kiseto to M. Ali, Full delivery on the stumps hit to mid-wicket for no runs
16.4 Kiseto to Gokul, Length ball on the stumps, Gokul gets an edge towards the off-side as closes the bat face early
16.3 Kiseto to Gokul, Full delivery on the stumps defended on the legside
16.2 Kiseto to Gokul, Full delivery outside off missed by both the batsman and the keeper, the duo take 2 byes!
16.1 Kiseto to Gokul, Full and wide delivery just inside the line, Gokul misses the big shot
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