Bay Leaf Blasters 105/5 (10 ov)
Cinnamon Pacers 107/3 (9.3 ov)
Cinnamon Pacers won by 7 wickets
That will be all from your host Abhishek Kundu alongside co-commentator Pratyush Rohra. But, don't go anywhere as we have another Spice Isle T10 match coming your way. 
Chasing 106 runs in 10 overs, Cinnamon Pacers began the inning on a style by taking eight runs from the first over. Bay Leaf Blasters struggled to get a wicket as they had to wait till the fourth over to send Heron Campbell to the pavilion. He had scored 18 runs off 10 balls. 

Kyron Andrew went back to the pavilion by scoring 3 runs off 7 balls but captain Micah Narine played a captain's knock to steer Cinnamon Pacers. His 37-run off 14 balls partnership with opener Alick Athanaze for the third wicket put the game out of reach of Bay Leaf Blasters. And, Athanaze got the cherry on the cake by completing his fifty from the winning shot.  
And, Alick Athanaze finishes the innings in style as he gets his 50 with a six at the long off region. Cinnamon Pacers win the match by 7 wickets and three balls remaining. 
9.3 Keron Charles to Alick Athanaze, ALICK ATHANAZE FINISHES THINGS OFF IN STYLE! FIFTY FOR HIM AS WELL! In the slot outside off-stump, Alick tonks it through the line. The bat did turn in his hand but it doesn't matter when you've got the power he does. The long-off fielder can only watch it sail over his head and the Cinnamon Pacers win humdinger of a game by 7 wickets. 
A catch is finally taken by the deep midwicket boundary fielder Ronel Williams as Micah Narine is sent back to the pavilion. 
9.2 Keron Charles to Micah Narine, OUT! CAUGHT! GAME ON! Length delivery angling into Narine, seems like he had got enough of it and it was going all the way but it's ended up right down the throat of the fielder at deep mid-wicket. Did have a fumble with it but he's managed to hold on. 5 needed in 4 now.
9.2 Keron Charles to Micah Narine, back of a length delivery wide of off-stump. The umpire signals. Blasters don't need extras at this stage!
A four to begin the over. Just six runs required in the last five balls. The match surely looks to be in the bag of Cinnamon Pacers. 100 up for the Pacers. 
9.1 Keron Charles to Micah Narine, FOUR! THAT'S MORE LIKE IT! Full and very straight, Narine smartly shuffles in side the line to clip it up and over short fine leg to find the fence. 6 in 5 needed now.
Keron Charles to bowl the final over of the match. 
Ten runs from the penultimate over. Bay Leaf Blasters failed to collect the catch of Micah Narine in this over, who is now on strike. Let's see if this ends up haunting them. Ten runs required in the last over to win the contest.
96 /2 score
cricket bat icon Alick Athanaze
44 (23)
cricket bat icon Micah Narine *
21 (14)
cricket ball icon Ronel Williams
8.6 Ronel Williams to Micah Narine, full delivery outside off-stump, excellent comeback as Narine couldn't get under that one. The keeper couldn't collect that one and seems to have injured his thumb. A single taken and Narine will keep strike.
8.5 Ronel Williams to Micah Narine, SIX! NARINE'S HAD ENOUGH! Length delivery right in the slot, Narine shuffled across a long way to hammer it back over the bowlers head, into the sightscreens!
8.4 Ronel Williams to Micah Narine, pitches it further up outside off-stump, a big swing and a miss from Narine, who is really struggling here. Dot, dot..
Just three runs from the first four balls. Pressure building on Cinnamon Pacers. 
8.3 Ronel Williams to Micah Narine, good length delivery outside off-stump, Narine tried to give himself some room and couldn't get bat on ball as a result. Another dot ball.
A dropped catch at the deep midwicket boundary and Cinnamon Pacers take two runs. This might prove to be costly for Bay Leaf Blasters. 
8.2 Ronel Williams to Micah Narine, IN THE AIR! HE'S DROPPED IT... Back of a length delivery angling into Narine, horribly miscues his pull shot and it was right down the throat of the fielder at deep mid-wicket, who made a hash of it. Two taken but how costly will that prove to be?
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