Cinnamon Pacers 136/2 (10 ov)
Ginger Generals 104/5 (10 ov)
Cinnamon Pacers won by 32 runs.
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Once, Cinnamon Pacers got to their total of 136 for 2, everyone knew that it will be difficult for Ginger Generals to get the target, but the fact their approach in the first half of the innings was a bit slower than the required rate, is something we might take some time to crack. They were at 51 for 2 after the first five overs. Some may suggest that the two early wickets inside the first two overs might have had an effect on the batting approach. 

Nevertheless, the bowling was quite sharp from Cinnamon Pacers. They were the better side in two aspects of the game, but the fielding was pretty average by both the teams. It is just that the dropped catches didn't really hurt the Cinnamon Pacers as it did for the Ginger Generals. Roland Cato scored 34 runs from 21 balls and wasn't in the best of forms during his innings. His struggle finally ended after two boundaries in the seventh over. Keone George who made a good 15-ball 27 was also out the next ball. This was a game-changing moment as the Pacers were smart enough to tighten the screws after this. 

The required rate kept creeping up after this until the total was beyond the reach of Ginger Generals. In the end, it was quite a comprehensive win for the Cinnamon Pacers by 32 runs. Javel St Paul was the star of the bowling performance, as he picked up three scalps in his two overs. Micah Narine and Kenroy Peters also picked up a wicket each.
104 /5 score
cricket bat icon Anil Matthew
5 (5)
cricket bat icon Brathwaite Jaheim *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Javel St.Paul
3 /13
9.6 Javel St.Paul to Brathwaite Jaheim, keeps it full and wide of off-stump, no shot offered by Brathwaite, and that will be that! Cinnamon Pacers complete a dominant win over Ginger Generals and win the game by 32 runs. 
St Paul picks his third. Well deserved scalp here. His first over was very crucial to set up this win. It is only fitting that he gets another. 
9.5 Javel St.Paul to Larry Edward, BOWLED HIM! ST.PAUL GETS THREE! Full and straight, you miss and I hit! Edward plays all over that one and his off-stump is disturbed. That won't have an effect on the result of this game but its a nice little feat for Javel!
9.4 Javel St.Paul to Larry Edward, short of a length delivery on the off-stump, Edward crunches his pull shot but it's not got enough to reach the fence, two more to the total
9.3 Javel St.Paul to Matthew Anil, yorker length slower delivery on the off-stump, Matthew drives it down to long-on, to cross over to the other end
9.2 Javel St.Paul to Larry Edward, short of a length delivery on the off-stump line, Edward pulls it firmly but it's to the same fielder at deep mid-wicket, another single to the total
9.1 Javel St.Paul to Larry Edward, good length delivery on the off-stump line, Edward drags his heave towards deep mid-wicket, to scamper back for a brace
Big win coming in here for the Cinnamon Pacers. How many do you reckon Generals can get in the last over? St Paul with the final over. 
98 /4 score
cricket bat icon Larry Edwards *
13 (7)
cricket bat icon Anil Matthew
4 (4)
cricket ball icon Reuel Williams
0 /29
8.6 Reuel Williams to Larry Edward, full delivery outside off-stump, another drag down to Edward, for a single at long-on. That's been the story of this inning really.
8.5 Reuel Williams to Matthew Anil, good length delivery outside off-stump, Matthew drives it with no timing towards sweeper cover, one more to the total
8.4 Reuel Williams to Larry Edward, full delivery outside off-stump, Edward drills it down to long-off, only a single this time
8.3 Reuel Williams to Larry Edward, SIX! In the slot outside off-stump, Edward connects with this slog well enough to send it flying over cow corner to collect a boundary 
8.2 Reuel Williams to Larry Edward, DROPPED! Good length delivery on the off-stump, Edward got a top-edge on his heave and it went high in the air towards deep mid-wicket, the two fielders didn't communicate at all there and got in each others way. Didn't even get a hand to the ball in the end, two taken
8.1 Reuel Williams to Matthew Anil, nails the yorker on the off-stump, Matthew bunts this down to long-on, just a single, which won't bother the Pacers too much
8.1 Reuel Williams to Matthew Anil, BONUS RUNS! Sprays a full delivery down the leg side, the batsman can't get anything on it and neither can the keeper, as the ball trickles away to the fence
Ginger Generals need 56 runs from 12 balls. Well, it is safe to assume that the Pacers have sealed this match. It will be interesting to see if Generals can even get close to that big total or not. 
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