Saffron Strikers 120/5 (10 ov)
Cinnamon Pacers 117/7 (10 ov)
Saffron Strikers won by 3 runs.
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Wow, what a match we just witnessed. We thought Cinnamon Pacers were taking the match away mid-way through that innings. Then they were dejected and almost out of the match. The momentum kept shifting almost every ball, but Saffron Strikers held their nerves to win the match. There were several occasions when Cinnamon Pacers might have felt in the game, but the Strikers were ready to fight every tough situation and take this game deep. 

Saffron Strikers got a really good score of 120 for 5 from their 10 overs. Their openers Lendon Lawrence and Nickozi St. Hillaire scored 47 and 48 runs respectively to set up the score, which their captain Ryan John would have liked. Their bowlers were doing just fine. But Heron  Campbell, who was battling an injury just kept chipping away with runs. 

He didn't give up until the last over but eventually fell for 54 in the last over. Kenroy Peters played well for his 21 runs from 10 balls, but it was his knock that briefly brought the match in favor of the Pacers. With 20 runs needed off the last two overs, the match seemed like in the hands of the Cinnamon Pacers. 

But it was an excellent penultimate over from captain Ryan John which kept Strikers in the hunt. John Olive picked up three wickets in the last over to script a thrilling and memorable win for his side by just three runs. 
117 /6 score
cricket bat icon Kenroy Peters
21 (10)
cricket bat icon Ken Maturine *
4 (1)
cricket ball icon John Olive
9.6 John Olive to Ken Maturine, OUT! He's gone! Strikes pull it off. Short ball dug into the pitch. Maturine throws his bat at it but gets the top edge to short thirdman. Bit of a juggle, but he pouches it in the end
9.6 John Olive to Ken Maturine, slower delivery full and wide of the off-stump, well past the tramline
9.5 John Olive to Ken Maturine, FOUR! Full ball outside off, he throws all his strength behind that swing. The ball flies off the outside edge over the fielder at short thirdman
9.4 John Olive to Kenroy Peters, low full toss on the stumps, drags it across to deep mid-wicket. They try to come back for an impossible second run and Peters falls well short of his crease. This must surely be the game
TWO in TWO for John Olive. The slower ball. The slower ball. It is just impossible to get that away sometimes. Kenroy Peters finally gets to face the ball. The pacers need 10 runs from 3 balls. 
9.3 John Olive to Javel St. Paul, OUT! Two in two for Olive! Length delivery on the off-stump, Javel swings across the line and gets the top edge. It is that man at long-off again, who runs in and completes the catch 
Campbell is utterly disappointed. He was hitting the ball well. The slower ball does the trick again. J St Paul comes to the crease. He will face the ball as the batsmen didn't cross.10 runs needed from four balls. 
9.2 John Olive to Heron Campbell, OUT! Oh, man! The set batsman goes. Where is this match heading? Full ball outside off, Campbell tries to go downtown but it is too wide and connects with the toe end of the bat. Good catch at long-on under pressure
9.1 John Olive to Heron Campbell, FOUR! Perfect start to the over for the Pacers. Full ball angling in on middle and leg. Goes with hard hands and clears the fielder at square leg. This is not timed well but it has enough legs to reach the boundary
14 runs required from the last over. John Olive comes to bowl his first over. Campbell on strike. 
Wow, quite an anti-climax. Kenroy Peters gets 16 runs from his first three balls. Then suddenly, he just can't hit even a single. Those two doubles might lift their hopes. But, what an over by the captain under pressure. Ryan John had a plan and he executed that well. 
107 /3 score
cricket bat icon Heron Campbell
50 (23)
cricket bat icon Kenroy Peters *
20 (9)
cricket ball icon Ryan John
8.6 Ryan John to Kenroy Peters, full ball on the stumps, tries to drag it across and gets an inside edge. The fielder at short fineleg gets a hand on it but fails to stop the ball. Good chase in the end to pull it off at the boundary
8.5 Ryan John to Kenroy Peters, short ball on top of the stumps, Peters gets a top edge as he tries to swing at it uncomfortably. The fielder at point runs back but fails to reach the ball
8.4 Ryan John to Kenroy Peters, short rising delivery outside off. Another swing and a miss by PetersThat's four dot balls in a row. Excellent stuff by the skipper.
8.3 Ryan John to Kenroy Peters, low full toss outside off, his weight is going the other side trying to back away and once again fails to make any contact
8.2 Ryan John to Kenroy Peters, digs it in short outside the off-stump. Peters throws everything at that but makes no connection
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