Cinnamon Pacers 121/1 (10 ov)
Saffron Strikers 111/7 (10 ov)
Cinnamon Pacers won by 10 runs.
That's all we've for you from this match but do join us in a short while as the 3rd match of the day is coming your way in few minutes. For now, I, Sudheer and my partner, Nikhil are signing off but do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more action from Spice Isle T10 Tournament. Cheers and have fun!
Saffron Strikers have fell short by 10 runs of the target and they experience the first loss of the tournament in their 3rd game. Strikers have put up a decent fight which at one stage looked like they might have to face loss with huge margin. The lower order batsmen of the Strikers have kept swinging at the deliveries and found few boundaries here and there to keep them in the chase. 

Strikers' opener, Lendon Lawrence, started off well in the first over but couldn't continue in the same fashion as he kept losing his partners at the other end. 4 of the top 5 have got to double figures but none went on to score big which was needed while chasing a big total. Shermon Lewis and Jenson Philip struck few bowls in the final two overs and that brought the some hope back for the Strikers only to lose the match by 10 runs in the end.

Cinnamon Pacers had a decent outing on the field as they managed to pick wickets at regular intervals to put the pressure on the incoming new batsmen. Kenroy Peters was the pick of the bowlers for his 3 wicket haul though he was expensive in his 2nd over. Chard Charles and Micah Narine picked 2 wickets each in the final few overs as they continued to build pressure on the opposition. This gives the Pacers their 2nd win of the tournament and go equal with the table toppers, Saffron Strikers, with 4 points in 3 games.
9.6 Javel St.Paul to Shermon Lewis, a touch shorter and Lewis pulls this one to deep backward square leg for a couple of runs and he is disappointed. Saffron Strikers lose their first match of the tournament!
9.5 Javel St.Paul to Shermon Lewis, OH, Shermon fails to connect this one!!! Length ball just going down the leg stump, swings wildly at it and misses.
Shermon Lewis is playing a good cameo here, Can he make them win the game with two big strikes of the final two balls?
9.4 Javel St.Paul to Shermon Lewis, full length ball outside off, smashes this one hard towards deep cover but will get only two.
9.3 Javel St.Paul to Shermon Lewis, SIX!!! Shermon keeps Saffron Strikers in the game!!! Short ball on middle and leg, and he has elegantly pulled it over the square leg boundary.
9.3 Javel St.Paul to Shermon Lewis, WIDE!!! Back of a length ball very wide of off stump and wide called!
9.2 Javel St.Paul to Shermon Lewis, length ball at the stumps, plays this one back to the bowler.
9.1 Javel St.Paul to Kem Charles, length ball on the leg stump line and tries to smash it to on side but gets an edge to fine leg.
J St Paul to bowl the final over of the innings.

Couple of sixes from the over and Strikers still have a chance of chasing down the total if they can find some boundaries at the start of the over.
100 /6 score
cricket bat icon Shermon Lewis *
15 (6)
cricket bat icon Jenson Phillip
12 (5)
cricket ball icon Micah Narine
8.5 Micah Narine to Shermon Lewis, full length ball at the stumps, smashes this one off the front foot to deep mid-wicket and takes a couple of runs.
8.4 Micah Narine to Shermon Lewis, SIX!!! Shermon continues to clear the boundary!!! Slower delivery in the slot, clears the front leg and smothers it over long off boundary
Jenson Philip hits one straight down the throat of the mid wicket fielder and brings another wicket for the Pacers. Kem Charles is the new batsman to replace Philip.
8.3 Micah Narine to Jenson Philip, OUT!!! Short ball and Jenson rocks back and pulls it straight into the hands of the long on fielder. A little cameo comes to an end.
8.2 Micah Narine to Jenson Philip, SIX!!! Full length ball outside off, gets on the front foot and drives it mightily over the extra-cover for a six.
8.1 Micah Narine to Shermon Lewis, bowls in an yorker just down the leg stump, Lewis tries to dig this one out but misses, they take a bye as the keeper misses.
Micah Narine to bowl the penultimate over.

Couple of sixes but a wicket was also lost in the over. Saffron Strikers need 37 runs from 12 balls.
85 /6 score
cricket bat icon Shermon Lewis
7 (2)
cricket bat icon Jenson Phillip *
6 (3)
cricket ball icon Chard Charles
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