Clove Challengers 78/5 (10 ov)
Ginger Generals 81/2 (7.4 ov)
Ginger Generals won by 8 wickets
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Ginger Generals win the match by 8 wickets

A clinical performance from the Ginger Generals who had the game from the scruff of the neck from the very first ball of the innings. They had outclassed their opponents in a tight bowling performance in the first innings and followed it up with some quality innings from their openers as they win the match with 14 deliveries to spare.

The chase was off and running from the very first delivery as Roland Cato made his intentions crystal clear by hitting the very first delivery of the over for a maximum. He and his partner, Daniel McDonald backed it up with a really good 58 run opening stand before Cato was caught at long-on. Benjamin Wavel was dismissed a couple of deliveries later but McDonald carried his bat and finished the chase with consecutive boundaries off Nedd's bowling.

Imran Joseph and Jeron Noel were the stars with the ball in hand for the Clove Challengers as they returned with a wicket apiece. Tiron Charles was smashed away for 40 runs in the 2 overs he bowled and proved to be too expensive in his bowling spell.
7.4 D Nedd to D McDonald, FOUR! This time the ball was a little wide. But, McDonald gets on the backfoot again and cuts the ball at the point region for a four. What a way to claim the victory. 
7.3 D Nedd to D McDonald, FOUR! A short length delivery punished beyond the backward point fielder for a four. 
7.2 D Nedd to Keone George, a short length delivery cut to the backward point for a single. 
Darron Nedd to bowl the 8th over
7.1 D Nedd to Keone George, first delivery pushed back on the on side for no run. 
Just a matter of a couple of deliveries from now on as the Ginger Generals need 7 runs in 18 balls. They have played really good brand of cricket here, having their control over their opponents and outclassing them in all three departments
72 /2 score
cricket bat icon Mc Donald Daniel *
18 (16)
cricket bat icon Keone George
4 (6)
cricket ball icon Jeron Noel
6.6 J Noel to D McDonald, swing and a miss to end the over. 
6.5 J Noel to D McDonald, over the wicket outside the off stump and the batsman leaves it. 
6.4 J Noel to Keone George, a yorker at the outside off played to the long on fielder inside the circle for a single. 
6.3 J Noel to D McDonald, full outside off played into the covers for a single. 
6.2 J Noel to D McDonald, full toss played to the deep backward square leg for a double. 
6.1 J Noel to D McDonald, nicely stroked to the long on for two runs. A slight midfield helps their cause. 
Jeron Noel will bowl out in the 7th over
Ginger Generals need 13 runs in 24 balls. They are going down at a slow pace now with the game in their hands.  This is sensible cricket from the batsmen, not going for the big shots and playing with singles to get to the target
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Imran Joseph
5.6 Imran Joseph to Keone George, a bouncer pushed to the on side. No runs. 
5.6 Imran Joseph to Keone George, WIDE! Bowled down the leg side for a wide. 
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