Match Abandoned
Both Royals and the Knights are set to face each other once more tonight. The match is scheduled to begin at 12:00 a.m. IST. We hope that the rain clears and we get a full match in. Stay tuned for the updates. This is Bala and Maanas Upadhyay signing off for the time being. Stay home and stay safe!
Unfortunately, there is no improvement in the weather. We have news coming in that the match has been abandoned with just one over being bowled. Both the sides will share one point each.
Rain delay! It's raining cats and dogs at the moment. We might be in for a long break. Stay tuned, we will bring you updates as and when there is a change in the conditions.
Just as Stoman completed that over, rain started coming down heavily. The umpires waited for a bit to see if it is a passing shower, but finally decided to take the players off.
Plenty of extras coming in that over from Stoman. He was getting enough assistance from the pitch, but he lacked discipline and direction. Expensive start for the Knights with 17 runs coming off that over.
Over: 1 | Summary: 5w 1w 1 1 1 1lb 1nb 2nb 1 2w Bowler: Francoise Stoman Score: 16/0
0.6 Francoise Stoman to Muhammad Saad, very full ball on the leg stump, raps the batsman on the pads and trickles towards fine leg as the batsmen sneak in a single
0.6 Francoise Stoman to Amandeep Singh, length ball sprayed down the leg side. WIDE ball. The keeper is unable to pouch that and the batsmen scamper across for a single.
0.5 Francoise Stoman to Muhammad Saad, skiddy short ball on the middle stump, Saad is rushed into the pull and miscues it towards mid-wicket for a single. 
0.5 Francoise Stoman to Amandeep Singh, NO BALL! Oversteps once again as he bowls a full ball on the middle stump. Amandeep makes room and slashes it to sweeper cover for a single.
0.5 Francoise Stoman to Amandeep Singh, NO BALL! Oversteps as he bowls a length ball sliding down the leg side. Free hit coming up!
0.4 Francoise Stoman to Muhammad Saad, length ball outside off, the batsman shuffles across and looks to run it down to third man. Gets rapped on the pads and rolls towards gully as the batsmen take a single.
0.3 Francoise Stoman to Amandeep Singh, length ball outside off, Singh pokes at it only to get the outside edge down to deep third man for a single.
0.2 Francoise Stoman to Muhammad Saad, full ball on the off stump swinging away, Saad dabs that towards point for a single.
0.1 Francoise Stoman to Amandeep Singh, length ball on the fourth stump line swinging away, steered towards backward point for a single
0.1 Francoise Stoman to Amandeep Singh, short delivery outside off, bounces well over the batsman's head. WIDE ball
0.1 Francoise Stoman to Amandeep Singh, FIVE WIDES! Sprays one well outside off, no chance for the keeper to stop that as it races away to the fence!
The players and umpires are out in the middle. It's slightly overcast, the bowlers may get some assistance from the pitch. 

Francoise Stoman, right-arm quick, will start the proceedings. Amandeep Singh will face him.
Team Sheets:

Indian Royals:
Muhammad Saad, Jaswinder Kumar, Sourabh Sandhu, Yogesh Sharma, Sukhwinder Singh(c), Manjeet Singh, Jasbinder Singh, Amandeep Singh, Jatinder Singh, Ishwar Singh, Syed Ali Naqi. 

Coimbra Knights: Tony Madeira, Pedro Madeira, Tom Nicholas, Chris Redhead(c), Lovey Saini, Miguel Stoman, Francoise Stoman, Panda Waddup, MD Zaman, Clive Worth, Ravi Bal.
Toss Update:

Coimbra Knights have won the toss and elected to bowl
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