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Dambulla Viiking 203/3 (20 ov)
Colombo Kings 205/4 (18.5 ov)
Kings won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Qais Ahmad
It's been an absolutely brilliant game of cricket tonight! Some great action from the final game of the league stages of the Lanka Premier League 2020. Stay tuned for more action from the tournament and cricket all across the globe! This is Rishab, and my colleague, Bala, signing off. Have a pleasant night! 
Colombo Kings will now face Galle Gladiators in the first semifinal and Dambulla Vikkings will take on Jaffna Stallions in the second semifinal. 
When you have the opportunity and the platform, you grab it with both hands. And that's pretty much what Qais Ahmad has done tonight! What a brilliant performance it has been from him. First with the ball and then so unbelievably with the bat! Extraordinary stuff that! They didn't start the chase well, lost Evans unfortunately and followed by some quick wickets. But when you believe, you can! And Colombo have shown that! Not to take credit away from Priyanjan who kept going and kept them alive in the chase! It wasn't looking any good for them but then with Qais coming in and doing what he did, they are going to remember this win for a long long time to come! 

Dambulla Vikkings were really fortunate to have some luck going their way and then they were back in the game. But the way Priyanjan and de Silva built the innings back, gave Colombo a chance again and we all know how it ended! Nothing much to really say there! 

What a brilliant game of cricket this has been! A high scoring thriller. Always the kind of games we love to watch, that keep us to the edge of our seats and give us some wonderful cricket all around at the end. Just the right way to finish the league stages and set the tone for the semi-finals and finals! 
Colombo Kings have won this game and will thus finish at the top of the table! What a terrific game of cricket this has been! 200 plus being chased down in absolutely brilliant fashion! After all the setbacks, it's been such an inspirational performance from the King's to pull this off! Qais Ahmad you beauty! 
What have we just witnessed from Qais here! Magnificent striking! This young man has turned it around so brilliantly well! Four sixes and he's finished it for Colombo Kings!! What a terrific turnaround this has been! We have witnessed something very special out here
18.5 Anwar Ali to Qais Ahmad, HE FINISHES IT WITH A SIX! He has got to his FIFTY off just 22 balls as well! Ali goes short once again, Qais Ahmad pulls it straight out of the middle of the bat over square leg. What an innings this has been!
18.4 Anwar Ali to Qais Ahmad, finally bowls one in the blockhole, digs it out straight back to the bowler
18.3 Anwar Ali to Qais Ahmad, THREE IN A ROW! Can you believe it! Back of a length delivery once again, but a bit slower, he waits for it on the back foot and launches it over wide long-on for a maximum
18.2 Anwar Ali to Qais Ahmad, OVER MID-WICKET! Ali pitches it short, Ahmad is waiting for it on the back foot and despatches it over the cow corner fence for another maximum! Just 11 off 10 required now!
18.1 Anwar Ali to Qais Ahmad, IN THE AIR! AND CLEARS LONG-OFF! Anwar Ali misses the length and bowls in the slot, Ahmad goes straight down the ground, doesn't get the timing perfect but manages to clear the long-off fence
Anwar Ali to bowl the penultimate over
It's been a brilliant over from Kumara. Another good one for the Vikkings! Only just until that magnificent hit from Qais! What a terrific shot that. Not only did he do good with the ball but he's turning it around here! What a contest this has been! This game can go anyway. They need 23 off 12
Over: 18 | Summary: 1 1 1w 1 1 6 1 Bowler: Lahiru Kumara Score: 181/4
17.6 Lahiru Kumara to Qais Ahmad, full toss on the pads, Ahmad flicks it away on the on-side, but straight to the man at fineleg
17.5 Lahiru Kumara to Qais Ahmad, SIX! And just as we praise the bowling, he delivers one in the slot and Qais Ahmad slogs it over wide long-on for a huge maximum!
17.4 Lahiru Kumara to Ashan Priyanjan, yorker once again, he jabs it out to the left of the man at mid-wicket. Splendid bowling!
17.3 Lahiru Kumara to Qais Ahmad, full and straight once again, Ahmad digs it out opening the face of the bat and takes a single
17.3 Lahiru Kumara to Qais Ahmad, digs it in short but misses his direction and sprays it down the leg. Has to reload that one
17.2 Lahiru Kumara to Ashan Priyanjan, right in the blockhole outside the off-stump, squeezes it out to mid-on and takes a single
17.1 Lahiru Kumara to Qais Ahmad, length delivery outside the off-stump, Ahmad drives it square of the wicket on the off-side for a single
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