Jaffna Stallions 148/9 (20 ov)
Colombo Kings 151/4 (19.2 ov)
Kings won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Dinesh Chandimal
That brings us to the end of our coverage for this game of the Lanka Premier League 2020. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more live updates and match commentaries. This is Rishab, along with my colleague, Navjeevan, signing off for the night! 
Dinesh Chandimal finishes the game for the Kings! He's batted beautifully well, anchoring this chase. Held one end up at all times. Got those crucial boundaries upfront. Got good partnerships with Mathews and Russell. They maintained the run-rate well for most of the innings. They only needed a couple of good partnerships which they got. 

Just looked like the Stallions were in it at one point keeping it tight. But it was the Russell Muscle show that completely took the game away from them. Some lusty blows from him in real quick time that changed the course of the game! Always good to have someone like him in your side! 

The bowlers set it up really well for the Kings when they earlier managed to restrict the Stallions to under 150. Hasaranga put up a brilliant all-round effort for the Stallions but it just wasn't enough tonight. Chandimal was very sensible in the way he went about the chase and contributions from Mathews and Russell helped them through. They will be very pleased with this win, a comprehensive one that! 

Beating the table toppers of the league, that too by six wickets, will give them real confidence going ahead in the tournament. As a result of this game, the Colombo Kings have also moved to second place in the table now. This was the first defeat of the season for the Jaffna Stallions, they sti remain at the top of the table! 
Over: 20 | Summary: 1 4 Bowler: Dhananjaya de Silva Score: 151/4
Colombo Kings have won this game with six wickets to spare! Dinesh Chandimal has carried his bat and anchored the chase magnificently. It's a comprehensive win for them this! 
19.2 Dhananjaya de Silva to Dinesh Chandimal, FOUR RUNS! tossed full outside off, the Dinesh plays that one late and cuts that one past the point region and gets the winning runs for his side!
19.1 Dhananjaya de Silva to Thikshila de Silva, tossed up outside off and the batsman hits it through the covers for a single! Down to 2 runs in 5 balls!!
Dhananjaya de Silva to bowl the final over
Silva has bowled really well. It's a good spell from him. But it's a decent over for the Kings. Good effort from Fernando to save the boundary. It's just three needed off the final over now
Over: 19 | Summary: 1 0 1 0 1 3 Bowler: Chaturanga de Silva Score: 146/4
18.6 Chathuranga de Silva to Thikshila de Silva, tossed outside off, the batsman throws the kitchen sink at it and gets the edge which flies over the third man and point fielder! Good commitment from the fielder ensures that the ball does not reach the fence!
18.5 Chathuranga de Silva to Dinesh Chandimal, tossed up outside off and the batsman pushed the ball towards off-sde and takes the single
18.4 Chathuranga de Silva to Dinesh Chandimal, bowled a full toss as the batsman comes down the track, the ball is hit straight to the fielder, no run taken!
18.3 Chathuranga de Silva to Thikshila de Silva, bowled outside off, the batman manages to hit that one along the ground for a single!
18.2 Chathuranga de Silva to Thikshila de Silva, tossed up outside off, the batsman looks to give it a swing but miisses!
18.1 Chathuranga de Silva to Dinesh Chandimal, tossed up outside off, the batsman flicks that one towards on-side and takes the single! Down to 8 runs in 11!
De Silva will continue
This is a good over for the Kings. Will take pressure off them. Should be easy now as they are marching closer to the target. Just 9 needed from 12 balls now. The Stallions need some miracle here if they are to win this. Chandimal has anchored the chase quite beautifully
Over: 18 | Summary: 1 4 1lb 1 1 1 Bowler: Binura Fernando Score: 140/4
17.6 Binura Fernando to Dinesh Chandimal, bowled back of a length slower ball, the batsman plays the late pull shot towards square-leg and takes the single! Down to 9 in 12 balls!
17.5 Binura Fernando to Thikshila de Silva, bowled full outside off, the batsman punches that one through the covers and takes the single
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