Cossonay CC 94/9 (10 ov)
Olten CC 97/8 (9.5 ov)
Olten CC won by 2 wickets
Thanabalasingham finishing it off with a huuuge SIX. Hands down, it was the game of the tournament up until now. Nail-biting finish. COC will feel hard done by after giving everything in the field. Contributions from Mohammed Shahid and Ali Nayyer pushing OTC to the victory shores. They maintain their unbeatable streak and sit comfortably at the top of the points table. As for COC, they will go back to the drawing board and contemplate where did they go wrong.
That's it from our side, until next time, my partner Habil Ahmed and I Abhinav Singh signing off. Stay safe, stay indoors and keep washing your hands. See you all very soon. Cheers!
9.5 A Vinod to T Thanabalasingham, WHAT AN END TO THIS GAME! The ball came right in the slot for the #10 and he hammers that over deep midwicket for a HUGE SIX! If he's hitting them that big, what is he doing at #10? We don't know about Singham, but Thanabalasingham is definitely a HERO!
9.4 A Vinod to T Thanabalasingham, swing and a miss. Keeper misses the stumping too. The pressure is on! As Sherlock Holmes would say, the game is AFOOT!
9.3 A Vinod to A Nayyer, straight and slightly overpitched. Nayyer whacks it straight back at the bowler who pulls off a blinder! THIS IS CLOSE!!! It's a test of nerves fellas!
SKIPPER ALI NAYYAR IS OUT! OTC need 4 in 3 deliveries now

We're back and they need 4 runs in 4 balls!
We're sorry! The live stream has succumbed under pressure too. That's what tight contests do.

8.6 M Ahmadzai to N Kumar, a big swing from the batsman and he is unable to connect with the slower ball. Hits him on the pads but Kumar is unable to take the single.
8.5 M Ahmadzai to N Kumar, low full toss and he hits that towards deep midwicket. The keeper is unable to collect the ball on their second run letting Kumar make it back in time. The keeper should have inflicted that run out. Could be the difference!
8 runs in 9 balls now!
8.4 M Ahmadzai to A Nayyer, slow and full and Nayyer is only able to heave it towards mid-on for one run. A wise decision to rotate the strike?
8.3 M Ahmadzai to A Nayyer, outside off stump and the captain misses with a BIG swing. Dot ball! Nayyar is under full pressure if that shot was any indication
8.2 M Ahmadzai to N Kumar, bowls a high full toss straight at Kumar who plays that away towards deep midwicket for a single. Pressure! A fulltoss and the batsmen couldn't put it away, Nayyar back on the strike now
The last 7 balls have been horror for the OTC side 
8.1 M Ahmadzai to G Navaretnarasa, DRAMAAAAA! The ball goes right through Navaretnarasa. Brilliant yorker to get his man. This could spell trouble for Olten. As Sherlock would say - THE GAME IS ON!
Only 3 runs coming from the 7th over. OTC 85/6 after 8 overs, requiring 10 runs in 12 balls. Interestingly, Nayyar is off the strike
7.6 I Zaidi to A Nayyer, slightly short and he almost chops that onto his stumps. Very close! This is going down to the wire
7.5 I Zaidi to A Nayyer, full and into the batsman who manages to turn that away towards fine leg. They manage to run two. Zaidi bowls it in the block hole. Wicket of Nayyar and it will be COC's game
7.4 I Zaidi to M Kamaran, swings again and he connects this time. But Kamaran only finds the fielder at deep square leg who takes an easy catch in the end. It was coming, Kamaran was putting pressure on himself and the team
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