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Cossonay CC 98/1 (10 ov)
Power CC 103/2 (7.1 ov)
Power CC won by 8 wickets
Key/In-form Players to look out for
Cossonay CC
  • Arjun Vinod
  • Andrew Ryan
  • Vikas Bhat
  • Power CC
  • Asad Mahmood
  • Safiat Ullah Sajid
  • Osama Mahmood
  • Key Points
  • The Mahmood duo will be looking to tee-off yet again. They have been the mainstay around which the POCC team has revolved. As for COCC, they will be relying on the skipper Aiden Andrews and the Vinod duo to deliver the goods.
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    COCC playing their second game of the match and it's against another team from the upper half of the points table. If COCC bests POCC, it will be one of the surprise upsets of the tournament. As for POCC, they will be looking to stitch together another complete team performance to keep their hopes alive of finishing in the top-2
    Thats it from the Match 18 of St Gallen T10 as I, Sarthak Karkhanis on behalf of my co-commentator, Shashwat Kumar sign off from this game. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the 6:30 PM game between Zurich Nomads CC and Winterthur CC. 
    Earlier in the match, in spite of losing just a solitary wicket, COCC only managed 98 in their quota of 10 overs. They scored only 22 runs off their final 3 overs. The win has boosted POCC's NRR which may help them in qualifying for the latter stage of the tournament. 
    And a victory for POCC as they made short work of this chase of 99. Power CC's captain has led them to an emphatic victory. After conceding only 18 runs in his spell and arresting Cossonay's mometum, he also scored 31 runs off 15 balls and laid the doundation for the chase. Asad Mahmod carried on from there and hit 45 off 16 balls and struck 5 sixes. 

    7.1 Ashwin Vinod to Asad Mahmood, SIX! Asad finishes it off in style! A magnificent strike into the crowd! Another full toss and he marches down the track to clatter it way over mid-wicket for six.
    6.6 Andrew Ryan to Moaz Butt, FOUR! Full outside off and Butt crashes it through the cover region. The fielders on the fence seem to have it covered but make an absolute meal of it to allow the boundary.
    6.5 Andrew Ryan to Asad Mahmood, yorker at the stumps and driven down the ground for another single. We have a bit of a lull here, eh?
    6.4 Andrew Ryan to Moaz Butt, full outside off and punched into the off-side for one more run.
    6.3 Andrew Ryan to Asad Mahmood, short and wide and cut towards point for a single.
    6.2 Andrew Ryan to Asad Mahmood, FOUR! Full delivery outside off stump and absolutely laced through covers for four more. This is getting over in a hurry!
    Power CC need 14 runs off the final 4 overs

    6.1 Andrew Ryan to Moaz Butt, full delivery outside off and pushed down to long off for a single. 
    A couple of sixes to end the over by Mahmood as 37 runs coming off the last 2 overs. 
    5.6 Aidan Andrews to Asad Mahmood, SIX MORE! Thigh height full toss outside off and Asad massacres that one over long on for six. The fielder was interested for a bit but the ball cleared him in the end.
    5.5 Aidan Andrews to Asad Mahmood, SIX! Another poor delivery. Slower delivery in the slot outside off and Asad steps down the track before belting it down the ground for another maximum.
    5.4 Aidan Andrews to Asad Mahmood, played straight to the fielder at cover.
    5.3 Aidan Andrews to Asad Mahmood, FOUR! Gentle full delivery outside off stump and Asad marches down the track before cracking a cover drive for four.
    5.2 Aidan Andrews to Moaz Butt, short and wide and dabbed to point for one run.
    So an eventful comes to an end with 14 runs and a wicket coming off it. 32 runs needed off the final 5 overs. 
    5.1 Aidan Andrews to Asad Mahmood, length outside off and dragged into the leg side for a single.
    4.6 A Vinod to Asad Mahmood, flighted outside off again but this time, Asad works it down the ground for a single.
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