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Winterthur CC 79/7 (10 ov)
Cossonay CC 84/2 (8.2 ov)
Cossonay CC won by 8 wickets
Key/In-form Players to look out for
Cossonay CC
  • Arjun Vinod
  • Andrew Ryan
  • Aidan Andrews
  • Winterthur CC
  • Muralitharan Gnanasekaram
  • Deesh Banneheka
  • Elyas Mahmudi
  • Key Points
  • Gnanasekaram will be looking to join hands with his team-mates to produce another superlative performance that has carried the team thus far into the tournament. As for COCC, the skipper Aidan Andrews and his bowling holds the key, whereas the opening batters will be needed to deliver the goods against an impressive WCC bowling lineup
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    The final game of league stage and just like the rest of the matches of the tournament, this promises to be another epic clash. WCC will be looking to consolidate the top-2 position whereas COCC will be looking to make some substantial inroads in the final points tally. A gripping contest awaits us all in here and we're so up for it!
    What a win for COCC!. All eyes were on Andrews and Sinh to get them off to a good start as they had been in great form this tournament. Both of them departed early and that put pressure on COCC.  Bharat Narayanan walked in to bat at No 4 and changed the course of the match in a couple of overs. He scored 43 off 20 balls hammering 4 sixes and 2 fours. Arjun Vinod(30 off 22) batted sensibly at the other end and made sure that they take this through.

    WICC will be disappointed with their performance. Their batting performance let them down today. They need to quickly improve it for their semi-final match.

    We enjoyed bringing this coverage to you. This is Nikhil Kulkarni and Habil Ahmed signing off. Stay Safe and Take Care!.
    8.2 S Ali to B Narayanan, slightly overpitched and Narayanan gets under that one and he hammers that over long off. That's the end of the match. Big hit to finish things off then!
    8.1 S Ali to A Vinod, pitched short and it is pulled away to deep midwicket for one
    COCC:- 77/2 after 8th over. COCC needs just 3 runs to win this game now.
    7.6 E Mahmudi to A Vinod, he plays that towards the man at cover for a quick single
    7.5 E Mahmudi to A Vinod, played to short midwicket. No run!
    7.4 E Mahmudi to A Vinod, makes full use of that free hit and he smashes that over midwicket for a six!
    7.4 E Mahmudi to B Narayanan, played into the offside for a single. No ball called. Free hit coming up!
    7.3 E Mahmudi to B Narayanan, dot ball!
    7.2 E Mahmudi to B Narayanan, played into the offside for a single. They run a second from the overthrow.
    7.1 E Mahmudi to A Vinod, played down to long on for one
    COCC:- 65/2 after 7th over. COCC need 15 runs from 18 balls.
    It's easy now for COCC, they have turned this game in the last few overs.

    6.6 D Johnson to B Narayanan, he's played that down to long on and some terrible fielding at long on sees that go for four more runs!
    6.5 D Johnson to B Narayanan, almost played on to his stumps but he has a lucky escape
    6.4 D Johnson to B Narayanan, he hammers that over the covers for a big six!
    6.3 D Johnson to A Vinod, plays a good cover drive for a single.
    6.2 D Johnson to A Vinod, short again and it is pulled towards the square leg boundary for four
    6.1 D Johnson to A Vinod, doesn't connect with the short ball. No run!
    6.1 D Johnson to B Narayanan, hits the edge of the pitch and called a no ball. One bye run as well.
    COCC:- 48/2 after 6th over. COCC need 32 runs from 24 balls. Bharat Narayanan has put life into this COCC's innings. He has hammered 23 off 13 balls.
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