Zurich Nomads CC 122/4 (10 ov)
Cossonay CC 128/4 (9.5 ov)
Cossonay CC won by 6 wickets
An amazing cracker of the game between COCC and ZNCC.
The ZNCC from compared to the previous match did not have the start that they were expected off, although at the end of their innings they got a bit of acceleration and scored 122 of their 10 overs.
For COCC the opening stand between J Sinh and A Andrews of 80 plus runs being a major factor for them winning this game. Reflecting back even ZNCC will be working on their fielding as even they had too many dropped chances in the field which probably had its impact on the game
This was the live coverage for Match 17 of ECS St. Gallen T10 League. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me Habil Ahmed as we sign off!! Till then stay safe.
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The match gets to close in the end and Narayana finishes off in style with a SIX!! COCC chase down the total by hitting 128 for the loss of 4 wickets and 1 ball to spare.
9.5 S Joseph to B Narayanan, one needed but Narayanan couldn't care less. Overpitched and it is hit well over the long on boundary for a big six! Good shot to win the game!
9.4 S Joseph to A Vinod, shorter and they pull it down to deep square leg for one
9.3 S Joseph to A Vinod, that is hit up in the air. After some confusion, it seems the fielder has dropped it. They run two.
9.3 S Joseph to A Vinod, wide down legside! Did not need it at this point. Cannot afford extras at this point.
9.2 S Joseph to A Vinod, played straight back to the bowler. A dot ball 
9.1 S Joseph to M Ahmadzai, overpitched this time. Ahmadzai hits that in the air and straight down mid-off's throat. Pressure all around!
At the end of 9th over COCC are 118 for 3. The COCC need 5 runs of the last over. Suddenly the intensity of the game rises as now it's all about nerves
8.6 A Nazir to M Ahmadzai, swings at it but he only gets an outside edge. Up in the air but it lands safely for a single.
8.6 A Nazir to M Ahmadzai, bowled well outside off and the umpire calls it wide this time
8.5 A Nazir to M Ahmadzai, swing and a miss!
8.4 A Nazir to M Ahmadzai, wide and well outside off. Batmsan lets it go but the umpire things that is okay.
8.3 A Nazir to M Ahmadzai, outside off and overpitched. He hits that over the infield and in between long on and midwicket for four!
8.2 A Nazir to M Ahmadzai, outside off and Ahmadzai misses with the attempt to cut it
8.1 N Khan to A Vinod, taps that one to the leg side for a quick single.
At the end of 8th over COCC are 111 for 3. The intensity rises with wicket of the last ball as COCC need only 12 of the last 2 overs
7.6 N Khan to Ashwin Vinod, straight delivery. Ashwin looks to smash that away through the onside but he completely misses that. Noman Khan, however, does not! BOWLED!
7.5 N Khan to Arjun Vinod, played down to deep square leg for a single
7.4 N Khan to Arjun Vinod, pitched a little too short and that is pulled away for four behind square!
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