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Cyprus Moufflons CC 117/6 (10 ov)
Nicosia Tigers CC 120/3 (9.1 ov)
Nicosia Tigers CC won by 7 wickets
Right! That's it from the eliminator! We hope you enjoyed this segment of ours! This is Shrey Gupta along with Sameer Deodhar, signing off! Do stay tuned to Sportkeeda as the big final between the Punjab Lions CC and the Nicosia Tigers CC is all set to begin at 8:00 pm IST! Cheers!
Catches win you matches, they say! Aren't they right in every sense of the word? If you ever disagreed with this statement, you would not do so after this match! This was a gift! An absolute gift of a match, and a place in a final by the Moufflons to the Tigers! The Nicosia Tigers CC have pulled off a win out of nowhere as they beat the Cyprus Moufflons CC by 7 wickets and are through to the final!
Chasing 118 in 10 overs is itself a daunting task! And with the regular opener, Yasir Khan departing cheaply, it becomes an even far-fetched total! But, Roman Mazumdar looked in a different mood today! He not only anchored the chase but also in doing so, he decimated the opposition completely and scored a quickfire fifty! He held the fort at one end and put his team in a winning position. But, as soon as he departed, the Tigers were on a backfoot and looked in all sorts of troubles! Their batsman tried to slog each and every ball but it seemed as if the Moufflons fielders had a spring in their hand as they popped each one of them!! There were umpteenth opportunities produced but they latched onto none! Thus, it helped Rashidul Hassan and Iftekar Jaman to score runs and take their team home!
9.1 M. Khan to I. Jaman, SIX! Jaman finishes the match with a maximum over the bowler's head and THIS IS AN UPSET! Flighted delivery bowled fuller and that has been hit straight by Iftekhar! What a way to seal the place in a final!!
Last over coming up! NCT just one stroke away!
8.6 G. Singh to R. Hassan, SIX! Another six by Hassan! That has left the Moufflons shell-shocked, absolutely shell-shocked! What on earth has happened to this team!! An absolute upset on the cards!! 6 to end the over!!
8.5 G. Singh to I. Jaman, Full delivery hit to long-on and another DROPPED catch!
8.4 G. Singh to R. Hassan, Another single towards long-on for Hassan
8.3 G. Singh to I. Jaman, Nicely struck towards deep point and a good piece of fielding allows just one
8.2 G. Singh to I. Jaman, SIX! A wild heave to long-on goes over the fielder! That will reduce the equation and will relieve the Tigers dugout immensely! Great strike into the stands!!
8.1 G. Singh to R. Hassan, Single to long-off on the first ball!
OHH!! What a dramatic over this was! Produced 5 opportunities but the Moufflons only could cash in once! 20 needed off 12!!
7.6 S. Austin to I. Jaman, Jaman gets down on one knee and the keeper DROPPED a catch near square leg after doing all the running!
7.5 S. Austin to R. Mazumder, OUT! Full delivery hits the batsman on the shoe and the umpire raises his finger! Finally!! Mazumdar was two times lucky, but not the third time!! He has to depart after a breath-taking innings!!
7.4 S. Austin to R. Hassan, Another skier and another drop by G. Singh!
7.3 S. Austin to R. Mazumder, Another drop by the long-on fielder running ahead! 
7.3 S. Austin to R. Mazumder, wide down the leg side isn't helping!
7.2 S. Austin to R. Mazumder, SIX! Mazumder picks this quite nicely over long-on for a maximum! He's doing this all alone! Sensational shot!! Pressure on Austin!!
7.1 S. Austin to R. Hassan, Full delivery skied towards covers and the ball lands safely
This match is turning out into a nail-bitter one! NCT needs 32 off 18 balls!
6.6 W. Ali to R. Mazumder, FOUR! Full delivery covers well driven over covers for a boundary! Excellent stroke! Great improvisation as he shuffles in his crease and dispatches a fuller swinging delivery for a four! And with that, he brings up his fifty! Really, what a knock he is playing!!
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