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Nicosia Tigers CC 92/9 (10 ov)
Cyprus Moufflons CC 94/2 (7.3 ov)
Cyprus Moufflons CC won by 8 wickets
Key/In-form Players to look out for
Cyprus Moufflons CC
  • Muhhamad Hussain
  • Gursewak Singh
  • Gurwinder Singh
  • Nicosia Tigers CC
  • Yasir Khan
  • Rashidul Hassan
  • Faruk Ahmed
  • Key Points
  • NTCC has not played a bad brand of cricket, it's just that luck has eluded them during the crucial phases of a match. Anyway, they will be looking to finish the day on a high by causing an upset. As for CMC, the side will be looking to continue doing what it has been doing so far in the tournament.
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    The penultimate match of the day and table-toppers CMC will be playing their seocnd game of the day after taking on the mighty PLCC in the last game. NTCC will be looking to find their footing in this match and will be looking to pull out a rabbit out of the hat, in short, the NTCC outfit will be looking to play the role of giant-killer by beating the tournament-favourites.
    Cyprus Moufflons CC beat Nicosia Tigers with 15 balls to spare and 8 wickets in hand

    And that, viewers, brings us to the end of the game. An awful bowling display by the NTC makes it easy for the Cyprus CC to win the game. Cyprus CC started off on a very positive note with the deadly duo dealing in boundaries. Soon, Hossain struck twice in quick succession sending the duo back to the pavilion. However, G. Singh 28(21) and the man of the hour Ravi Kumar 26(17) held their nerve and finished things off in style for the Cyprus CC. NTC lost the game in extras as they gave away 23 runs in the form of wides and no-balls. Ravi Kumar is the truly deserving man of the match for his Hattrick with the ball and a valuable knock with the bat. 

    So, That is it from us here at Sportskeeda, I hope you guys enjoyed our coverage of this match. Do join us for the matches later today. Until then, this is me, Manoj Sarma and my partner Sameer Deodhar, signing off. Stay Safe!
    7.3 I. Jaman to G. Singh, FOUR BYES! Singh missed the length delivery over leg stump and the keeper didn't move an inch! The match is being  gifted to Cyprus CC in the form of extras.
    7.2 I. Jaman to G. Singh, FOUR! Full delivery on the stumps slogged away to deep mid-wicket! Brilliant stuff this from the duo. 
    7.2 I. Jaman to G. Singh, FIVE WIDES! Down the leg-side and the bowling side has lost it mentally!
    7.1 I. Jaman to G. Singh, An inswinger just outside off missed by Singh
    6.6 F. Ahmed to R. Kumar, A couple to long-off to end the over
    6.5 F. Ahmed to R. Kumar, FOUR! Half-volley lofted to long-off where it was DROPPED and the ball ran away to the fence! OH Dear ! First the wides and now the misfields , the miseries do not seem to end for NTC.
    6.5 F. Ahmed to R. Kumar, wide delivery down the leg side. The extras column in the Score Sheet is now full. Time for a new one.
    6.4 F. Ahmed to R. Kumar, Full delivery on the pads tapped back to the bowler
    There's a change of bowler here and F. Ahmed will complete Mia's over
    6.3 F. Mia to R. Kumar, SIX! Slow delivery outside off hit over the bowler's head for yet another six! MASSIVE ! Ravi Kumar is dealing in boundaries here . Is he going to win this for Cyprus CC.
    6.2 F. Mia to R. Kumar, SIX! Short delivery pulled to backward square leg for a maximum! Beautifully struck, the ball came on nicely on to the bat and Ravi Kumar smashes it taking enough room.
    6.2 F. Mia to R. Kumar, wide delivery outside off. We have had enough extras already.
    6.1 F. Mia to R. Kumar, FOUR! Loopy half-volley wide of off, dispatched to wide long-off. Easy - Peasy there . That delivery is just gifted. NTC are throwing it away here .
    5.6 A. Hossain to G. Singh, Short delivery wide of off and the cut shot to deep backward point allows two
    5.5 A. Hossain to R. Kumar, Full delivery outside off, hit cross-batted to point. The duo are now relaxed. They required just around run a ball here.
    5.4 A. Hossain to G. Singh, Full delivery on middle stump pushed to deep mid-wicket
    5.3 A. Hossain to R. Kumar, Half-volley on off-stump easily put away to long-off. That was hit really hard but straight to the fielder in the deep. Just a single.
    5.2 A. Hossain to G. Singh, On the pads, Singh missed the flick but got a run on the legside
    5.2 A. Hossain to G. Singh, wide down the legside. Oh dear ! NTC are giving it away in the form of extras and they have given away lots already.
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