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Cyprus Moufflons CC 81/10 (10 ov)
Punjab Lions CC 85/2 (8.1 ov)
Punjab Lions CC won by 8 wickets
It was a lot of fun bringing the live-action for you! We hope you enjoyed this segment of ours! This is Shrey Gupta along with my colleague, Prashanth Satish, signing off! Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for many such live-coverages! Until next time, it's goodbye from us! Cheers!
Right! The Punjab Lions CC beats the Cyprus Moufflons CC by eight wickets and posts their fourth win on the trot!
A comprehensive victory for the Lions and they would be very pleased with the result! They were excellent with the ball and even better with the bat!
Chasing 82 runs, the Lions was given an early setback as Gurupartap Singh departed cheaply! But, it seemed as if it just didn't matter to Zeeshan Mehmood! He started taking the Cyprus bowlers to cleaners and eased the pressure down for the Lions! He was equally supported by the skipper Harwinder Singh who with his late flurry took his team home at last!
8.1 Muhammad Hussain to Harwinder Singh, PNL WIN! Loopy delivery which is driven back past the bowler and the fielder at long-off misfields it and it runs away to the boundary. They win by 8 wickets
PNL just need a run to seal! Let's see how much time they can take!
7.6 Ravi Kumar to Waqas Akhtar, APPEAL! The batsman looking to flick misses and given not out.
7.5 Ravi Kumar to Waqas Akhtar, good length ball and the drive finds the fielder at covers. No run
7.4 Ravi Kumar to Zeeshan Mehmood, OUT! Absolutely unnecessary shot on this occasion! Just needed the ball to guide and take a single! Instead went for a glory shot and ends up playing a miscued one! Short ball and the batsman trying to pull gets a top edge and is caught by the midwicket fielder
7.3 Ravi Kumar to Harwinder Singh, full on off and driven to long off for a single. Scores Level
7.2 Ravi Kumar to Harwinder Singh, fuller ball and missed completely by the batsman looking to slog
7.1 Ravi Kumar to Zeeshan Mehmood, batsman makes room and lofts over cover for a single
A mere formality left for PNL to seal this game! Needs 3 runs off 3 overs!
6.6 Waqar Ali to Zeeshan Mehmood, FOUR! Late cut which beats the fielder at the boundary. He's punishing almost every ball and definitely one has to say he's got a Midas touch as well! Just latching on this one and the fielder gives up the chase early!
6.5 Waqar Ali to Harwinder Singh, single to square leg off the flick
6.4 Waqar Ali to Zeeshan Mehmood, full ball hit straight down the ground for one
6.3 Waqar Ali to Zeeshan Mehmood, SIX! Loopy slower ball picked early by Zeeshan and hit over the long-on boundary. The fielder can only watch this one sail over his head! He is inching closer to fifty!
6.2 Waqar Ali to Harwinder Singh, good length ball on stump line pulled to midwicket for one
6.1 Waqar Ali to Harwinder Singh, swing and a miss by the batsman. Unwanted at this stage.
18 runs off Poluri's over! Just marginally short of victory! Needs 16 off 24 balls!
5.6 Rajasekhar Poluri to Zeeshan Mehmood, FOUR! Pulled away to midwicket again and beats the running fielder! That's excellent placement on this occasion! Zeeshan looks in a hurry to finish this game now!
5.5 Rajasekhar Poluri to Zeeshan Mehmood, FOUR! Full ball heaved over midwicket for a boundary
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