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SaltsJobaden CC 86/6 (10 ov)
Djurgardens IF Cricketforening won by 10 wickets
Key/In-form Players to look out for
Djurgardens IF Cricketforening
  • Daniel Nissila
  • Asim Bukhari
  • Shahzeb Choudhry
  • SaltsJobaden CC
  • Khalid Mahmood
  • Khursheed Alam
  • Shah Zeb
  • Key Points
  • Second knockout match of the day and essentially the winner takes it all encounter. DIC has been one of the most ruthless teams of the tournament, absolutely decimating the oppositions. They finished atop the points table in Group A by winning all the matches and drawing only one. They will be looking to continue with their winning juggernaut. As for SJC, the team has only dropped two points en route the semi finals and is more than capable of landing the sucker punch.
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    A showdown between two heavyweight teams of the tournament with everything to play for on the cards here. Both teams will be raring to go and get one step closer to laying hands upon the coveted silverware trophy. With players like Khurshed Alam and Khalid Mahmood in the ranks for SCC, the team will be breathing much more comfortably.
    That's it from this game of Stockholm T10, from myself Pradeep Somashekar and my co-commentator Vinay Chhabria we sign off from this game. Hope you enjoyed the coverage and stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the live commentary of England vs West Indies and the T10 games. Adios!
    Mitchell O'Connor blasted them through to the finals scoring 62(32) hitting 9 boundaries and a SIX. Commanding win that one from DIC, Mitchell O'Connor from the very first delivery had plans, he took his time, but later on belted the bowlers to all over the park. None of SJCC bowlers looked threatening to dismiss both the openers to make a back in the game, all of them going for in excess of 11 RPO. In the end a comfortable win for DIC and they reach the finals!

    SJCC bowlers were disappointing to begin with and they didn't look to create problems from the on set and that hurt them in this match. In the end DIC finished the game with 2.3 overs to spare.

    Djuragardens IF Cricketforening beat Saltsjobaden CC by 10 wickets! A comprehensive victory for them here!
    7.3 Q Rashid to Richie Robbins, placed through the covers, two runs, GAME OVER!
    7.2 Q Rashid to Mitchell O' Connor, hit towards long-on for a single. 
    7.1 Q Rashid to Mitchell O' Connor, a dot ball to begin the seventh over. 
    6.6 Shah Zeb to Mitchell O' Connor, hit straight towards long-on, one run. 
    6.5 Shah Zeb to Mitchell O' Connor, sweet sound from the bat, easily clears the leg-side boundary, FOUR runs. 
    6.4 Shah Zeb to Richie Robbins, appeal for LBW, but there was an inside edge, the batsman runs one run. 
    6.3 Shah Zeb to Mitchell O' Connor, cut towards point, one run. 
    6.2 Shah Zeb to Mitchell O' Connor, played in the same region again and gets the same result!
    6.1 Shah Zeb to Mitchell O' Connor, flicked towards fine leg for a FOUR. 
    Looks like DIC are in a rush wants to finish this in no time, They are 73/0 after 6 overs! They now need 14 runs in 25 balls!
    5.6 I Ullah to Richie Robbins, comes down the track, hit over the bowler's head, FOUR runs. 
    5.5 I Ullah to Mitchell O' Connor, inside edge, ball goes in the fine leg area, one run. 
    5.4 I Ullah to Mitchell O' Connor, came down the track, the ball skids, keeper misses an easy stumping!
    5.4 I Ullah to Mitchell O' Connor, WIDE, the bowler is under pressure. 
    5.3 I Ullah to Mitchell O' Connor, came down the track, smashed over the long-on boundary, SIX runs. 
    5.2 I Ullah to Richie Robbins, played it towards mid on for one run. 
    5.1 I Ullah to Mitchell O' Connor, cut towards point for one run. 
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