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Djurgardens IF Cricketforening won by 8 wickets
That's it from this game of Stockholm T10. On behalf of my colleague, Vinay Chhabria and myself, Sarthak Karkhanis goodbye. Hope you enjoyed the coverage!
In the end, it was an easy win for DIC as they chased down the target of 69 with 7 balls to spare. Stockholm Super Kings were always going to find it difficult to defend this total with only 68 on the board. DIC started off on a cautious note, but as the batsmen got set Robbins, Dubey and Nissala all 3 surpassed 20. The players were off the field for a brief period due to rains, but that didn't affect their chase at all. Among the bowler, except for Marani, no one conceded under 6 RPO. 
8.5 P Marani to A Dubey, low full toss, played in the same area, they complete 2 runs. DIC Win!
8.4 P Marani to A Dubey, a full length delivery, played towards point region for two runs. 
8.3 P Marani to A Dubey, the ball kept low, misses the stumps, no runs. 
8.2 P Marani to A Dubey, a low full toss, driven towards cover for two runs. 
8.1 P Marani to D Nissila, a full length delivery, played towards mid-wicket for a single. 
13 runs in that over and DIC only need 7 runs to win this game
7.6 Bhargav to A Dubey, appeal for caught behind, the umpire declines. 
7.5 Bhargav to A Dubey, flicked towards mid-wicket for two runs. 
7.4 Bhargav to A Dubey, good fielding from the bowler, no runs. 
7.3 Bhargav to D Nissila, flicked towards mid-wicket region for a single. 
7.2 Bhargav to D Nissila, down the leg side, slog sweeps it towards fine leg for a FOUR!
7.1 Bhargav to D Nissila, a low full toss, plays a big shot towards mid-wicket for SIX. 
8 runs in the over post the resumption as DIC need 20 runs in 18 balls to win this game
6.6 A Thamizharasan to A Dubey, played in the gap between deep extra cover and long off, 4 runs. 
6.5 A Thamizharasan to A Dubey, played towards the off-side, the fielder slips in the deep, two runs. 
6.4 A Thamizharasan to D Nissila, an inside edge towards square leg, for a single. 
6.3 A Thamizharasan to D Nissila, appeal for caught behind, no response from the umpire. 
6.2 A Thamizharasan to A Dubey, he goes down the track, played towards long-off for a single. 
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