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ECB Blues 101/2 (7.2 ov)
ECB Blues won by 8 wickets
A comprehensive victory in the end for ECB Blues as they finish the game off with 8 wickets in hand 16 balls to spare!!

What a magnificent game this turned out be the ECB blues and ended their bowling on the high and were able to ride the moment as they crush Fujairah Pacific Ventures by chasing down 99 runs in just 7.2 over. At the start, ECB had lost a crucial wicket in the form of Rohan Mustafa but the man who came in after him Vriitya Aravind was just unstoppable in this match as he scored 56 runs not out in just 23 balls by hittings 7 fours and 3 sixes. Followed by Chirag Suri who scored brilliant 27 runs in 13 balls in laid the foundation for the ECB Blues with this game easily. Muhammad Usman also played a little cameo towards the end along with Vriitya Aravind by scoring 16 runs not out in 7 balls.

With this, the ECB blues are back on track and sit at the top of the table at the end of the 3rd day in Emirates D10 tournament with 8 points. That's it for the game we hope that you enjoyed this amazing contest between ECB Blues and Fujairah Pacific Ventures. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Dwijesh Reddy signing off till then take care and stay safe!!

(We apologize for the loss of coverage of the 1st over of the game due to a technical error.)
7.2 Sanchit Sharma to Vriitya Aravind, WHAT A SHOT TO FINISH THE GAME! Four runs! A full ball outside off and Aravind gets down on one knee and leans into the cover drive for a four! ECB Blues have chased down the target of 99 in just 7.2 overs!
7.2 Sanchit Sharma to Vriitya Aravind, Sharma bowls a wide ball down leg and the keeper does well to collect it
7.1 Sanchit Sharma to Vriitya Aravind, Aravind picks up a loose ball on the hips and flicks it over the fine-leg boundary for a six! And with this Aravind reaches his half-century and what a way to celebrate as it he performs a few push-ups besides the pitch!! Only 3 runs needed to win!!
At the end of the 7th over ECB in total control as they are 90/2. They need only 9 runs to win this game and have 18 balls to do so!! 
6.6 Asif Khan to Muhammad Usman, full ball on middle stump and Usman has pulled it away with disdain as he gets four more! End of an expensive over!
6.5 Asif Khan to Vriitya Aravind, length ball outside off, Aravind plays it past the bowler for a single
6.4 Asif Khan to Vriitya Aravind, Aravind misses a back of a length delivery from Asf!
6.3 Asif Khan to Muhammad Usman, length ball on middle stump, Usman turns it to the leg side and takes a run. 14 runs needed in 21 balls from here!!
6.2 Asif Khan to Muhammad Usman, FOUR! Bowled quicker by Asif but Usman picks it up nicely with a fierce cut shot through point. Only 15 runs needed in 22 balls now!
6.1 Asif Khan to Muhammad Usman, Usman rocks back and slaps a length ball towards long-on for a brace!
At the end of the 6th over ECB is 78/2. They now need only 21 runs in the remaining 24 balls. FPV will need a couple more wickets in quick succession if they want to shake up ECB batting line because they are cruising through at the moment
5.6 Jash Giyanani to Muhammad Usman, full ball on off-stump, Usman turns it to the leg side for a single
5.5 Jash Giyanani to Muhammad Usman, SWING AND A MISS!
5.4 Jash Giyanani to Muhammad Usman, Usman gets off the mark with a late cut off a length ball, towards backward point for a four!
5.4 Jash Giyanani to Muhammad Usman, Usman lets one go as the umpire calls this one a wide
5.3 Jash Giyanani to Chirag Suri, WICKET! Jash has the last laugh as he bowls this one full on leg stump and Chirag mistimes it to the man at long-on for a simple catch! Much needed wicket this for FPV!! Can they manage to slow ECB though??
5.2 Jash Giyanani to Chirag Suri, SIX! Short and bowled quicker through the air by Jash and his pulled away into the leg-side boundary for a six by Suri!
5.1 Jash Giyanani to Chirag Suri, Suri greets young Jash with a lofted shot over long-off for a huge SIX! Seems like ECB Blues are in a hurry now!
At halfway through the innings, the ECB has scored 60/1. They now need 39 runs in the reaming 30 balls which looks like a pretty getable for ECB. FPV needs to find a wicket to build some pressure here somehow and quick as these 2 batters are taking the game away from them.
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