ECB Blues 150/3 (10 ov)
Abu Dhabi 95/3 (10 ov)
ECB Blues won by 55 runs.
So, this was me, Shrey Gupta along with my partner, Sameer Deodhar, bringing you the live coverage of D10 League 2020 Match 15. We hope you enjoyed this segment of ours! Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for many such games. Until next time, it's goodbye from us!
What a comprehensive victory for the ECB Blues as they have defeated the Team Abu Dhabi by a hefty margin of 56 runs!
Chasing 151 in 10 overs is not an easy task by any means. However, the Team Abu Dhabi started well as the opening duo complemented each other and got some quick boundaries. But, soon they lost touch as Rameez Shahzad didn't get his timing well as a result of which the dot ball pressure piled on them! However, Rameez did get some momentum with the Sultan's over, but it was too late to do any repair to the damage done by the opposition bowling attack. Thus, the required run-rate kept surging up and in the end, the TAD lost the game by 56 runs!
9.6 M. Rohan to A. Ali, Yorker to finish! That one was defended by the batsman. That's it! The ECB has won this one by 56 runs!
9.5 M. Rohan to A. Ali, FOUR! Low full toss hit to the vacant cow corner region! That was not a four by any sorts, but the fielder with the game in the bag for the team didn't mind stopping that one! Rohan Mustafa looks bewildered and is frustrated with the antics of the fielder!
9.4 M. Rohan to S. Usama, Loopy full delivery smashed to covers for a single
9.3 M. Rohan to A. Ali, Full delivery on the pads, Ali misses the heave but collects a leg-bye on the off-side
9.2 M. Rohan to S. Usama, Full delivery pushed to long-on
9.1 M. Rohan to A. Ali, Low full toss hit to wide long-on for a single
Last over coming up! TAD is 86/3 after 9 overs! Needs 65 in the last over!
The umpires have missed a ball!
8.5 D. Kashif to S. Usama, Another slow short delivery, another swing and a miss
8.4 D. Kashif to S. Usama, Slow short delivery and Usama misses the slog
8.3 D. Kashif to A. Ali, Slower delivery on the pads and a swing and a miss from Ali. The keeper misses and allows a run
8.2 D. Kashif to S. Usama, Slower delivery on off-stump tapped to point!
8.1 D. Kashif to A. Ali, Full delivery tapped on the off-side for a single
The game is almost in the bag of the blues! 67 needed in 12 balls!
7.6 M. Rohan to S. Usama, Length ball on the stumps pushed back to the bowler
7.5 M. Rohan to A. Ali, Full delivery on the stumps pushed to long-on
7.4 M. Rohan to S. Usama, Full delivery on the pads pushed to mid-wicket
7.3 M. Rohan to A. Ali, OUT! Full delivery on leg stump and Ali misses the wild slog, and the ball crashes the stumps! Even Rohan Mustafa is in disbelief! That was, however, a well-directed delivery at the middle-stump, angling in the batsman defence, but an abysmal timing made him pay the price!
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