Empire Blades 137/3 (10 ov)
Empire Blades won by 19 runs.
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Empire Blades beat Greater Helsinki Markhors by 19 runs!

It was always going to be an uphill task when you are chasing such a mammoth total, although Ziaur Rehman 27(12) and Ghulfam Nazir 34(23) got off to a blistering start, they gave it away in the middle! Ghulfam Nazri especially was looking in ominous form by hitting some brutal SIX'es to keep up with the required RR and at one point they were way ahead of it! But Some quick strikes in the middle overs meant that they were always catching up with the required RR and the new batsman had to get on with the hitting from the get-go. Abdullah Attique 26(17) did continue to score but it was too much in the end for him to cross the victory line for their team!

Empire Blades bowling looked out of sorts in the powerplay, just like Greater Helsinki Markhors bowling, they gave almost the same amount of runs in the powerplay! At one point in time, Greater Helsinki Markhors thought they could chase down this total with few balls to spare but thanks to some excellent bowling display by Hemanathan Kumar 21/3 and Raaz Mohammad 7/1 ensured that they bowled few good overs and they did just that! In the end a comfortable victory for them and they are pumped to pick up the first win of their first match of the tournament!
Greater Helsinki Markhors needed to keep up with required RR and they've failed to do so, that was a gigantic target for them to chase! They fell short of 19 runs to lose this match! GHM finish on 118/5 after 10 overs! Terrific victory this for Empire Blades, they're delighted! 
9.6 H Kumar to N Shahid, loopy, slow and bowled outside the arc of batsman, Shahid attempts an almighty hoick but gets the toe-end of the bat to deep midwicket for a single only! GHM have been humbled here by 19 runs!
9.5 H Kumar to P Garhwal, flighted delivery, CASTLED batsman comes down the track but misses the ball's line and ball goes through the gate and shutters the middle stump
9.4 H Kumar to P Garhwal, short and wide, slashed ferociously towards backward point for a boundary after the fielder stationed there lets the ball slip past his legs!
9.4 H Kumar to P Garhwal, bowled outside off, WIDE called!
9.3 H Kumar to A Attique, low fulltoss and worked around to deep midwicket for a solitary run 
9.2 H Kumar to A Attique, slower ball and cit away to sweeper for another couple of runs 
9.1 H Kumar to A Attique, length ball outside off, dragged across to midwicket for a SIX!
Greater Helsinki Markhors batsman succumb to the required RR pressure, they lost another wicket in that over! They need an improbable 35 runs in 6 balls! GHM are 103/4 after 9 overs!
8.6 Uday Nandini to P Garhwal, flighted delivery and played uppishly to vacant mid-off area for a couple of runs  
8.5 Uday Nandini to P Garhwal, full ball and played straight back to the bowler
8.4 Uday Nandini to P Garhwal, short ball yet again and cut away powerfully to deep backward point for a couple 
8.3 Uday Nandini to A Attique, short and wide, cut away to point for a single
8.2 Uday Nandini to A Attique, tossed up, batsman tried seeping the ball but misses it, keeper inflicts a stumping appeal but square leg umpire denies it!
8.1 Uday Nandini to Sohail Amin, OUT, tossed up, the batsman gets a healthy outside edge to short third man where the fielder moves quickly across and takes a good catch 
It's all falling apart for Greater Helsinki Markhors, they lost couple of wickets in that over and this is fantastic bowling effort from Empire Blades! GHM are 98/3 after 8 overs! They need 40 runs in 12 balls!
7.6 H Kumar to A Attique, short ball and pulled powerfully to deep midwicket boundary for four runs  
7.5 H Kumar to A Ahmad, OUT, back of length delivery, top-edged to fine leg for an EASY catch! Ahmad departs on a golden DUCK!
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