Empire Blades 105/2 (10 ov)
Helsinki Cricket Club 109/5 (8.5 ov)
Helsinki Cricket Club won by 5 wickets
RIGHT, This was me Lavil Saldanha along with my partner, Abhinav Singh bringing you live action from the Finnish T10 league. Do stayed tuned to the Sportskeeda app for live coverage of the league. Until next time, its goodbye from our side. See ya! 
HCC have won this match comfortably. After winning the toss and bowling first, HCC produced a mediocre bowling displaywith only Mahesh Chauhan registering his name in the wickets column. For Empire Blades, it was V Padhaal and JS Scamans who scored the bulk of the runs. In reply,HCC got off to shaky start losing 3 wickets in their first 3 overs. F. Nellacheri scored a brilliant half century and was ably supported by A. Qureshi. The turning point of the match came when H Kumar came on to bowl his solitary over and conceded 31, making a mockery of Empire Blades total of 105. An anti-climatic finish was excpected when U. Nandini bowling his final over picked up 2 wickets in succession. However. A Qureshi took the matter in his hands and finished of the chase with a classy hit to the boundary. M Imran and U Nandini were the pick of the bowlers as both picked up 2 and 3 wickets respectively.
HCC have scored 109 for 5 in 8.5 overs 
8.5 U Nandini to Abdul Ahad Qureshi, length ball pitched on a fourth stump line, Qureshi has been waiting all day for it, he rocks back in his crease and drives the ball powerfully to sweeper for a boundary to take HCC home! What a special knock from him! 
8.5 U Nandini to Abdul Ahad Qureshi, sprayed down the leg, WIDE called
8.4 U Nandini to Abdul Ahad Qureshi, length ball outside off and cut to deep cover for a double. TOO easy!
8.3 U Nandini to Abdul Ahad Qureshi, short of length, Qureshi goes back in his crease and pulls it towards deep midwicket for a SIX 
2 in 2 for U. Nandini. Can he take hattrick and change the course of the match?
8.2 U Nandini to A Arjunan, CAUGHT, short ball, batsman tried cutting the ball but ended up getting a healthy outside edge straight to the fielder at deep point who is 10 yards in! Nandini on a hattrick!
8.1 U Nandini to Faheem Nellancheri, CASTLED, back of length delivery, batsman goes back in his crease to slap the ball over midwicket but misses the line completely and ball crashes onto his middle stump 
A. Sher bowling tight lines to the HCC batsmen keeping Empire Blades still alive in the contest. HCC are on 96 for 3 needing 10 in the last 2 overs
7.6 Amjad Sher to Abdul Ahad Qureshi, short ball and cut powerfully to deep point for a couple of runs!
7.5 Amjad Sher to Abdul Ahad Qureshi, another full ball bowled right in the blockhole and batsman gives the respect to this ball and defends it straight back to the bowler
7.4 Amjad Sher to Abdul Ahad Qureshi, short ball, hits the batsman straight on the abdomen! Ouch, that might hurt!
7.3 Amjad Sher to Abdul Ahad Qureshi, bowled in the hole and dug to short point for no run!
7.2 Amjad Sher to Faheem Nellancheri, length ball, batsman is surprised by the bounce, top edges it straight over his head, both keeper and bowler run for it but can't reach on time
6,wd,6,2,6,4,6. HK Kumar what have you done!!. The matches changes completely to HCC favour. HCC have scored 92 for 3 needing 14 in their remaining 3
7.1 Amjad Sher to Abdul Ahad Qureshi, length ball and prodded to covers for a SINGLE
6.6 H Kumar to Faheem Nellancheri, overpitched and slow, batsman once again waits for it greedily and clobbers in the blue sky of FINLAND for a Glorious SIX
6.5 H Kumar to Faheem Nellancheri, another one in the slot, batsman gets an outside edge but the ball still runs to deep point for a boundary 
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