England Legends 121/10 (18.1 ov)
South Africa Legends 125/2 (13 ov)
South Africa Legends won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Thandi Tshabalala
The under dogs of today South Africa Legends have over powered England Legends today and have picked up a much needed win to boost their morale and confidence. This goes to show that no matter players are retired, they haven't played in a while, but when they do put on their national teams' jersey, they will fight for the win, and they'll be competitive as ever. Knowing KP he won't take this loss very lightly, and will be looking forward to the next game, where he and his team come back stronger. Jonty Rhodes meanwhile will want to keep this momentum going, and only improving from here. It will be interesting to watch how both these teams come back in their next outing. Do join us for more live action tomorrow from the Road Safety Series. For now I have been Ankit Sharma along with Pratyush Rohra, as we call it a night! 
England have had a day top forget about today, but they won't loose hope or be low on confidence. They've won a couple of games before today, overcoming the star studded Indian team too, so they will just lift their chins and move on to the next game, and fight harder there. It's a good thing that they've witnessed their weak points today, so they can address it now, rather than it being too late. Their bowlers have been impressive in all the three games, especially Panesar, who did fail today, but surely he'll be back stronger. KP did agree that their batting today was horrific and they need to work on that in their couple of days off, to re assess and come back with a better performance. 
England who were third on the table, go down to fourth after the beating today and are replaced by the same team on the points table. Both of these team have two games each to play, one with a top table team, the other with a bottom table team. So England and South Africa in similar situations in this tournament at the moment. Both will be eyeing the semi final spot, but both will be aiming to defeat Sri Lanka and India respectively to make things harder at the top.
South Africa get a big win today, against an in form England side. They showed their class, their compatibility with the pitch today, and their hunger for the win. Right from the start everything kept going their way. KP did show signs at the start of the innings to go berserk but was stopped in his tracks by Tshabalala, although replays did show that the ball was bouncing over the stumps, the umpire thought otherwise and KP had to go. From there South Africa did nothing wrong, kept picking up wickets, kept restricting the runs, kept frustrating the batters. England still managed to get to 121 but at a beautiful batting wicket like this, it was never going to be enough. South Africa came in to chase with a new pair up top, which did wonders, got off to a flier, and the match was over with 7 overs to spare. 
Kevin Pietersen: We were at the opposite end of making right decisions today. We thought we'll really do well after the first couple of games, but that didn't work out. We just didn't bat well today, the pitch is an absolutely beauty to bat on, so no excuses today. South Africa showed us how to bat on this pitch and yeah we were just not good today, with not a lot of spin on the surface too. The bowlers have been doing great absolutely no doubt, and Ryan Sidebottom, excellent with that first ball of his spell, what a delivery to start off, he just turned back time.

Jonty Rhodes:
A couple of practices was what we needed to get going and really happy with the win today. Everyone's done well, bowlers did well, bowled in the right areas, everyone knew their roles and that worked out pretty well for us. Van Wyk is so good at the top, he's a calm character and a very good player, and he showed us today why he was out on top, so really happy with that too. Thandi too, was excellent today, bowled in the right areas to pick up the all important wicket of KP and to back it up with a couple more wickets and restrict runs as well. Yeah happy to play some shots in the middle today, it's been 20 years since retirement so really glad to be able to have a go at it.

Man of the match: Thandi Tshabalala: It was a different ball game at that time for leaking runs in the final over, but still happy with the effort. The wicket of Schofield is special, I've been bowling quite a bit at home so wanted to giuve that ball a try and happy it worked well. Very happy with the win, it's a confidence booster especially with the next game against India. There are a few injury concerns with the older guys, but we hope the guys can be all ready for the next game. 
A fantastic effort from South Africa that has borne them fruit. They were sitting just behind England with a win and a loss compared to two wins of England. But now they go level on points, and have also done really well to improve their run rate and hamper the run rate of the English. They face the mighty Indians next, day after tomorrow and will look to carry this form there as well. South Africa earn their first win of this year (their first win came in last year before the pandemic struck) and they do it in a handsome way. The target was under par, yes, but the chase went down quite smoothly for them. 
Rhodes takes them home, in the blink of an eye. It seems like this innings just started a few minutes ago, but South Africa have blown England away with an all round performance. South Africa chase the target of 122 in the 13th over to wrap the game and give us an early night today. South Africa Legends win by 8 wickets. 
Over: 13 | Summary: 2 1 1w 1w 2 4 4 6 Bowler: Usman Afzaal Score: 125/2
12.6 Usman Afzaal to Jonty Rhodes, Rhodes finishes things off in style! A proper thumping! Full toss on middle, Jonty steps down the track in a flash and clobbers this over midwicket for a maximum! Proteas get their win!

South Africa Legends win the match by 8 wickets.
12.5 Usman Afzaal to Jonty Rhodes, FOUR MORE! Another tossed up one, Jonty dances down the track and hammers this over the infield to find the cow cover boundary!
12.5 Usman Afzaal to Jonty Rhodes, FOUR! tossed up delivery, Jonty steps down and takes it on the full and chips it away towards wide long-on for four!
12.3 Usman Afzaal to Jonty Rhodes, wide. No doubt about that one!
12.3 Usman Afzaal to Jonty Rhodes,  full delivery angling down leg, Jonty paddles down to very fine leg for a couple
12.2 Usman Afzaal to Jonty Rhodes, wide
12.2 Usman Afzaal to Alviro Petersen, tossed up delivery on off stump, Petersen goes for a single-handed slap towards mid-off for one
12.1 Usman Afzaal to Alviro Petersen, a touch short on leg stump, works this away off the pads towards deep square leg for a couple
100 up for South Africa in the 12th over itself. Where was this team last time out? Absolute class from these Legends today. It's a complete opposite scenario that it was las time, but they've risen to the occasion now, and will surely only improve from here in the remaining matches to come. 
Over: 12 | Summary: 0 4 0 0 1 0 Bowler: Monty Panesar Score: 104/2
11.6 Monty Panesar to Jonty Rhodes, good length delivery on middle stump, Rhodes taps the forward defensive into the off-side
11.5 Monty Panesar to Alviro Petersen, fired in flat on middle stump,  Peterson hangs back and works it towards deep square leg for a single
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