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Exiles CC 70/6 (10 ov)
Liege CC 71/6 (9.3 ov)
Liege CC won by 4 wickets
Phew!! What a game of cricket this has been. What a tun around by the EXC until the last 3 overs of the game. They posted a meager total on the board and LEC were required to go at just 7 an over but their batsmen made a complete mess of it losing two wickets in the very first over of the game. Every batsmen of their's got out going for the fancy shots which weren't required considering the way the chase was poised. At the end of the sixth over, it looked like curtains for the LEC but what happened next was twist in the tale. F.Ullah threw his bat at everything and ran hard scoring vital 19 runs and winning the game for his team. Low scoring games are always a thrill to watch and commentate. 

That is it from us here at Sportskeeda, Ladies and Gentlemen. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the game, do join us for the matches later today. Till then, this is Manoj Sarma and my partner Pradeep Somashekar signing off. Stay Safe !!
9.3 A Ali to Y Mehmood, WIDE! Exiles are really disappointed as they let go the match in the final few overs and this last over was terrible for them what started with a wicket and the Amer Ali bowled some freebies to concede the match! Liege would be excited to snatch a win this match!
9.2 A Ali to A Raza, smacked it straight to mid wicket fielder, could've been a run out there, but misses it! 1 runs needed in 4 balls.
9.2 A Ali to A Raza, NO BALL! oh terrible bowling this from Amer Ali! Ali Raza swatted that towards deep mid wicket and they pick up a couple!
9.1 A Ali to F Ullah, OUT! short ball and he hits straight to the deep backward square leg fielder, Exiles are delighted they've got the BIG WICKET! Is there a twist in the tale?
5 runs required of the last over. Is that curtains for the EXC??
8.6 W Raja to F Ullah, DROPPED! Fukraan skies that one towards square leg and the deep square leg fielder scampers to take the catches and makes a meal of it and might have caused an injury to himself on course!
8.5 W Raja to F Ullah, FOUR! Fukraan swings again hard and makes good contact, races that away towards deep backward square leg region, much needed boundary that! SMACKED!!
8.4 W Raja to F Ullah, slower balls in the arc and Fukraan skies that and it falls short of the long fielder, they run a quick brace!
8.4 W Raja to F Ullah, full on the legside and it slides down the legside and keeper misses it, they run a couple! Boy Oh Boy! You can't give away runs in the form of extras at this stage of the game.
8.3 W Raja to A Raza, good length delivery and Ali whacks that towards deep mid-wicket for a single! 17 needed of 9 balls.
8.2 W Raja to A Raza, DOT! some width and Ali mistimes it back  to the bowler! Crucial ! Crucial dot ball this !!
8.1 W Raja to A Raza, full on the middle and Ali whacks it to deep square leg and they scamper for a couple! 18 required of 11.
20 runs required in the last 12 balls at 10 RPO. Can the duo do it for the LEC? Things evenly poised now, this match can go either ways!!
7.6 S Hussain to F Ullah, in the arc but shaped away a bit and Fukraan missed it again, big hoick!
7.5 S Hussain to F Ullah, gets a top edge this time and Fukraan manages to get another couple! some terrible fielding from Exiles!
7.4 S Hussain to F Ullah, DROPPED! Fukraan skies that fuller delivery and the long off fielder runs forward to take the catch and misses that in the sun! OH DEAR ! Two fielders running for it and they made a complete mess of it.
7.4 S Hussain to F Ullah, OH DEAR! that was way down the legside and they run a couple as well, WIDE called! Terrible delivery that, it would've been called a wide even if it were a left-handed batsman batting. Gifting runs away now.
7.3 S Hussain to F Ullah, well bowled, turning out to be a nightmare for Fukraan, no contact again!
7.2 S Hussain to F Ullah, swing and miss, Fukraan has been swinging hard at everything!
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