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Falco 95/9 (10 ov)
Trinitat Royal Stars 99/2 (9.2 ov)
Trinitat Royal Stars won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Muhammad Ali Meer
This is just a gift from Shehzad Umar and eventually, Trinitat Royal Stars have defeated Falco with 4 balls to spare. Aawis Khan bowled a superb over to make this contest nerve-wracking but Umar didn't live up to the expectations. But overall, it's safe to say that the better side has won. TRS were brilliant with the ball and Ali Meer made sure the team cross the finishing line with minimum fuss. 

Falco made it tough for TRS with some tight bowling initially, until Ali Meer decided to take matters into his own hands and played some lovely cricketing shots. Aawis Khan's impressive bowling display in the penultimate over was just given away cheaply by Umar as TRS finish as table toppers after this win. That's it from us today and hope you enjoyed the coverage from myself, Pragadeesh and my fellow commentator Bala! Until next time, it's goodbye from us.
9.2 Shehzad Umar to Sufian Ansar, SIX! Finishes this game off in style! Short ball angling into the batsman, transfers the weight onto the back foot and pulls it away over the square leg fence for a maximum
9.2 Shehzad Umar to Sufian Ansar, FOUR wides! This is horrendous stuff! Angles this in down the leg-side,before bounces just before the keeper and he fails to stop that
9.2 Shehzad Umar to Muhammad Ali Meer, short and way wide of the off-stump, lazy work from the keeper gives an extra run
9.1 Shehzad Umar to Muhammad Ali Meer, SIX! Length ball outside the off-stump, easy pickings for the batsman as he frees his arms and sends it sailing over the wide long-on fence
16 needed from 6. S. Umar to bowl the final over
Over: 9 | Summary: 4b 1 0 0 1 1 Bowler: Awais Khan Score: 80/2
8.6 Awais Khan to Muhammad Ali Meer, full ball tailing in on the leg-stump, gets a thick inside edge to fineleg
8.5 Awais Khan to Sufian Ansar, shapes up to ramp this good length ball by moving across, ends up miscuing it to short mid-wicket
8.4 Awais Khan to Sufian Ansar, fuller ball on the fifth stump channel, once again a big swing of the bat but connects only with thin air
8.3 Awais Khan to Sufian Ansar, length ball wide of off, wild swing across the line and gets beaten
8.2 Awais Khan to Muhammad Ali Meer, length ball on top of the stumps, gets it off the inside half of the bat to deep mid-wicket
8.1 Awais Khan to Muhammad Ali Meer, FOUR! Fuller ball angling in, he takes the front leg away and swings hard but gets beaten. The keeper fails to get his hands on that one
What a whack! Sufian Ansar joins the party! We are in for a big finish as 23 needed from 12 balls.

Khan to bowl the penultimate over.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1 4 1 1 6 Bowler: Moazzam Rafique Score: 73/2
7.6 Moazzam Rafique to Sufian Ansar, SIX! Perfect piece of timing! Flatter and shorter into the body, rocks back and pulls it away flat over the cow corner fence
7.5 Moazzam Rafique to Muhammad Ali Meer, slogs the length ball but doesn't make a connection anywhere near as good as intended
7.4 Moazzam Rafique to Sufian Ansar, length ball on the off-stump, heaves it away on the on-side but falls short of deep mid-wicket
7.3 Moazzam Rafique to Sufian Ansar, FOUR! Flatter ball on a length into the batsman, pulls it away hard across the turf and bursts through the fielder in the deep
7.2 Moazzam Rafique to Muhammad Ali Meer, flatter ball on a good length outside the off-stump, mows it away to deep mid-wicket
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