Fateh CC 80/8 (10 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC 84/3 (4.3 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC won by 7 wickets
That's it from us with the second match of the day. We will be back with the third match which will be paid between Catalunya Tigers CC and Bangladesh Kings CC. Until then, this is Gaurav and Bala signing off. Thank you for joining us, Ciao!
The first over itself seemed to make the intentions of the Badalona Shaheen batsmen really clear. 37 runs off that over made the chase ever so easy. Even though Fateh kind of bowled a decent second over, the batsmen continued to go big and chased down the target of 81 overs in just 4.3 overs. Subsequent to the onslaught in the first over, Babar Khan scored 41 runs from just 10 deliveries. Kuldeep Lal (18 off 9), Bilawal Khan (8 off 4) and Dilawar Khan (12 off 3) all played small cameos to help them get over the line quickly. This victory will do a world of good for the Badalona Shaheen's net run rate.

There was nothing much to talk about regarding the bowling attack of Fateh CC. Gurvinder Singh would like to quickly forget this evening and that over of 37 runs that he bowled. Trilochan Singh was the only bowler with some decent figures to show for Fateh CC, going for 18 runs in his two overs and picking up a wicket. 

The only time Fateh CC seemed to be in the game was the first five overs of the match. Then it was Badalona all the away and they would savour this victory.
4.3 Randip Singh Daid to Dilawar Khan, SIX! WAY TO WIN IT I STYLE! Short and outside off as Dilawar Khan SMOKES that one over the long off boundary for the maximum!

BSH have chased down 81 in just 4.3 overs!
4.2 Randip Singh Daid to Dilawar Khan, SIX! Full delivery and Dilawar SMASHES that over extra cover for the maximum! Just 3 runs needed to win!
4.1 Randip Singh Daid to Bilawal Khan, fuller one outside off and Bilawal hits it towards the mid off region for one
Two wickets in the over, but it is a little too late to make any sort of impact in the game for FCC. Just 10 runs more to win now and they have plenty of overs left.

BSH 71/3 after 4 overs
3.6 Trilochan Singh to Dilawar Khan, slower one angled into the legs as Dilawar defends it watchfully back to the bowler
3.5 Trilochan Singh to Bilawal Khan, slower one just outside off as Bilawal runs it down the ground to long on for the single
3.4 Trilochan Singh to Bilawal Khan, SIX! Dropped short and outside off, Bilawal stands and delivers with a hoick over the long on region for his first maximum! It was a real long hop from the bowler and that rarely goes unpunished
3.3 Trilochan Singh to Bilawal Khan, RUN OUT! good length outside off and Bilawal punches it into the covers and Lal sets off for the run but the striker does not move! Lal has to depart there! Just a nod from the striker did all the trick there, and he was way too far down the stumps to recover
3.3 Trilochan Singh to Bilawal Khan, WIDE! Another one that moves away from the batsman on the off side and the umpire calls it a wide! That might have been a bit tough on the bowler, with the ball moving further away only after passing the bat
3.3 Trilochan Singh to Bilawal Khan, WIDE! Sprayed down way outside the off side tramlines and Singh has to bowl that one again
3.2 Trilochan Singh to Kuldeep Lal, shorter one from Singh and Lal pulls it down to backward square leg for the single
3.1 Trilochan Singh to Hamza Saleem, CAUGHT! angled at back of the length into the batsman as Hamza goes for the lob on the leg side but holds out to the man on the circle who takes a good catch! Two down for BSH!
Kuldeep Lal started the over with a boundary, but Lovely seemed like pulling it back with the big wicket of Babar Khan coming their way. But Kuldeep Lal once again got into the mood towards the latter part of the over and dismissed him for a couple of boundaries more.

BSH 61/1 after 3 overs
2.6 Manjinder Singh Lovely to Kuldeep Lal, SIX! Full and outside off, Lal got on top of it and CLOBBERED that over long off for the maximum! 61 runs in the powerplay for BSH!
2.5 Manjinder Singh Lovely to Kuldeep Lal, FOUR! Swinging delivery into the pads as Lal works it off the legs lofting it over the inside fielders for the boundary!
2.4 Manjinder Singh Lovely to Hamza Saleem, slower one outside off as Hamza gets off the mark with a punch towards the covers
2.3 Manjinder Singh Lovely to Babar Khan, CAUGHT! Fuller one from Lovely as Babar goes for another big heave over long-on but this time the man in the deep has caught it! First wicket down for BSH! And that's a bit wicket! The only way they can make a come back is by picking wickets now.
2.2 Manjinder Singh Lovely to Kuldeep Lal, short and on the leg stump as Lal pulls it down to wide long on for a single
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