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FCA 04 Darmstadt 131/5 (10 ov)
SV Wiesbaden 1899 104/6 (8 ov)
SV Wiesbaden 1899 won by 4 wickets(D/L}
SVW win the match by 1 run (Duckworth Lewis Stern Method)

They started off their chase blazingly, racing off to 48/0 after 3 overs. Shahan Agha (21 runs in 8 balls) and Nasrullah Zadran (39 runs in 18 balls) gave the SVW the much needed start and provided them the impetus to race away with this contest with SVW reaching 62/0 after 4 overs. Just when it looked like victory was certain for them, Muhammad Mudassar flicked the bails of Nasrullah Zadran at the non striker's end and triggered a controversial collapse, with the tension among the sides heating up and a few inappropriate words and sendoffs happening in the middle. SVW fell from the heights of 62/0 after 4 overs to a staggering 79/5 after 6 overs. But it wasn't all over as Khalid Khan (27 runs in 10 balls) hit the ball powerfully all around the park and re ignited the hopes of a come from behind victory for the SVW boys. They reached to 104/6 after 8 overs when rain stopped play and the umpires declared them winners of this contest.

FCD bowler looked clearly helpless as they were taking heavy beatings from the SVW batsmen. Muhammad Mudassar (3/14 in 2 overs) was at the helm of a few controversial dismissals and send offs while Ghulam Saif (2/26 in 2 overs) went with the flow and helped the FCD team to trigger a massive collapse which in the end was spoilt by the rain.

That's all about the match between FCD and SVB as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague, Balashankar sign off. Do check Sportskeeda for all live matches and latest news pieces. Until next time, its goodbye from our ends. ADIOS!
The latest news from Frankfurt Oval is that SVW have breached the required time and have won the match by 1 run with DLS method. SVW will be really happy and delighted. FCD players will be dejected as they have recorded their first loss of the day. The outfield is drenched wet and the next match between SVW and FCGB will be possibly abandoned due to rain.
There seems to be no improvement in the weather conditions there. The covers haven't come off and FCGB will be waiting in the wings for SVW to finish their match and play with them
SWB are on 104/6 after 8 overs. They are two runs ahead of the DLS method and they have walked off the field. If the game resumes, they will need 28 runs in 12 balls. This game is going down the wire.

The commentator mentions on air that a decisive take will be taken after 4 minutes on whether or not to continue the game.
7.6 Kashif Tarar to Enamullah Zadran, back of a length delivery, just defends it on the off side.
7.5 Kashif Tarar to Khalid Khan, flighted delivery on the stumps, defended on the off-side and scampers through for a single.
7.4 Kashif Tarar to Khalid Khan, tries to slog the length delivery and misses. Gets wrapped on the pads, but the umpire denies.
7.3 Kashif Tarar to Khalid Khan, SIX! That was marginally short, he goes back in a flash and pulls it. The fielder at deep square leg takes the catch but steps over the fence! Really bad mistake from the fielder as a wicket would have stemmed the flow of runs there.
7.2 Kashif Tarar to Enamullah Zadran, good length ball on the sixth stump, nailed to the man at long-off for a single.
7.1 Kashif Tarar to Enamullah Zadran, FOUR! Absolute gift! Short ball outside off stump, he flat bats it straight down the ground for a boundary. The hunt is on for SWb as they are inching closer to the target there.
SWB are on 91/6 after 7 overs. This is turning out to be a fiery game as the drama in the 6th over has fueled the fire for winning the game for both the sides. It's bucketing down at Frankfurt Oval and its still game on for both the sides. They need 40 runs in 18 balls.
6.6 Muhammad Mudassar to Khalid Khan, goes for the pull and mistimes, the fielder at mid-wicket can't get to that and they scamper through for the second.
6.5 Muhammad Mudassar to Khalid Khan, short and wide outside the off stump, he cuts it straight to the fielder at point.
6.4 Muhammad Mudassar to Khalid Khan, SIX! Short ball outside off stump, he pulls it away wide of long-on. The fielder was interested for a long time, but just evades the fielder. Misses the fielder on that occasion as it falls just behind the fielder for a maximum.
6.3 Muhammad Mudassar to Enamullah Zadran, short delivery outside the off stump, pulls it away to long-on for a single.
6.2 Muhammad Mudassar to Amin Khan, OUT! Flighted deliver, thrashed to covers, but it is straight to the fielder. Well pouched by the fielder. Brilliant from the bowlers as they are down at one moment are up on the other. They strike quickly and get the 6th wicket.
6.1 Muhammad Mudassar to Amin Khan, flighted delivery, the batsman can't connect it, neither can the keeper. The angle of the elbow was really questionable on that occasion. The keeper misses the ball there and it runs away for boundary there. It raining there but the pace on the ball helps it run to the ropes for a maximum. 
Good over for SWB there as they are on 79/5 after 6 overs. Rain and lightning here at the Frankfurt Oval as they will be looking to go off the field with the rain coming off. They need 53 runs in 24 balls.
5.6 Ghulam Saif to Khalid Khan, short ball, he flat bats it to the long-off fielder. It is not timed well, hence have enough time to go for a brace.
5.5 Ghulam Saif to Khalid Khan, SIX! He pitches it short and Khalid pulls it over the square leg fence for a towering maximum. Huge hit for them and it travels all the way for a huge maximum.
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