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FCA 04 Darmstadt 115/7 (10 ov)
SV Wiesbaden 1899 116/6 (9 ov)
SV Wiesbaden 1899 won by 4 wickets
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda! Hope you enjoyed our coverage and do join us for the remaining matches of the competition! Till then, this is me (Pradeep Somashekar) and Maanas Upadhyay signing off! Stay safe and goodbye!
SV Wiesbaden 1899 win the match comfortably with 1 over to spare, Terrific batting effort by Malik Zadran 48(20) with 4 SIX'es and 3 boundaries ensured no looking back for them even though they lost flurry of wickets at the end by trying to finish the match in a jiffy, not sensible effort that! But special thanks Malik Zadran who looked in some fantastic touch with great batting display hitting boundaries and SIX'es all over the park. Once Malik Zadran perished it was up-to the middle order to take the responsibility of winning the game, Nasrullah Zadran 21(13) and Fayaz Khan 22(8) steadied for a bit but then it was Fayaz Khan who took on and hit hat-trick of SIX'es to take the game away from FCA 04 Darmstadt!

FCA 04 Darmstadt bowling looked ordinary by not keeping themselves more disciplined, there were a lot of short deliveries which enabled the SVW batsman to hit them out of the park. Ghulam Saif 3/3 from his only over in the end rewarded himself with 3 wickets but it wasn't enough to stop SVW from winning this match comfortably!

Great win for SV Wiesbaden! They win this match by 4 wickets!
So, SVW tried committing a suicide in the course of finishing the match in a hurry, Fayaz, Nasrullah and Ibrahim perished in the same over! SV Wiesbaden win the match finally! There were some nerves in the end! 
8.6 G Saif to A Khan, full ball capped over the bowler's head for a single. With that SV Wiesbaden beat FCA 04 Darmstadt by 4 wickets!
8.6 G Saif to A Zadran, wide ball down the leg side and the batsmen run another off the bye.
8.5 G Saif to A Zadran, full ball outside off hit straight to point. No run!
8.4 G Saif to I Zadran, OUT! Short ball and the batsman slashes it straight down the throat of the point fielder.
8.3 G Saif to I Zadran, low full toss defended to point. No run!
8.2 G Saif to F Khan, OUT! Full ball outside off and the batsman looks to smash it down the ground. Does not get enough bat on it and the fielder at long off takes a comfortable catch! The bowler is on a hat-trick here!
8.1 G Saif to N Zadran, OUT! full ball on the body and the batsman gets an outside edge which goes straight into the hands of point.
Terrible bowling this, Fayaz and Nasrullah are incharge here, SVW are 113/3 after 8 overs! They need 3 runs in 12 balls! 
7.6 Y Hayat to F Khan, THREE IN THREE! Full ball and Khan charges down the wicket and smashes it over long off for a six!
7.5 Y Hayat to F Khan, SIX! Full ball on the pads and the batsman effortlessly picks it over mid-wicket for another maximum! Two sixes in two ball here!
7.4 Y Hayat to F Khan, SIX! Full ball outside off and that is launched over the bowler's head for a huge maximum!
7.3 Y Hayat to N Zadran, short ball spinning away cut to deep point for a single.
7.2 Y Hayat to F Khan, short ball outside off pulled to deep mid-wicket for a single.
7.1 Y Hayat to F Khan, low full toss on the body defended back to the bowler. No run!
Thought FCD are keeping things tidy since the departure of Malik Zadran, but some sloppy fielding effort and couple of wides and a free hit costing that over 19 runs! SVW are 93/3 after 7 overs! Ordinary effort from the bowler!
6.6 M Tayyab to N Zadran, in the slot and the batsman punishes that over mid-wicket for a huge maximum!
6.6 M Tayyab to N Zadran, FOUR! Full toss above the waist pulled towards square leg.
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