Abu Dhabi 69/7 (10 ov)
Fujairah beat Abu Dhabi by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Sanchit Sharma
Fujairah pacific Ventures win by 9 wickets with 27 balls to spare

A walk in the park for the Fujairah batsmen as they get to the target in 6 overs and without any fuss. The match was already lost in the first half of the game where Abu Dhabi could only manage to put a paltry total of 69 on the board. The bowlers, already low on confidence after receiving a beating last evening at the hands of defending champions ECB Blues could not turn up against the Fujairah openers as well and went for plenty in the powerplay overs.

Firstly, it was Jiju Janardhanan who teed off by playing some delightful shots and using the long lever effectively. However, he was quickly overshadowed by Muhammad Waseem who seemed to be in a hurry to grab an early dinner with his family. The right-hand dasher blasted his way en route an 11 ball 32 runs inning which included 4 gargantuan MAXIMUMs and a solitary crisp boundary.

The hopes of Abu Dhabi bowlers to fashion a comeback were quickly deflated after the second over where Waseem tonked Waqas Gohar for 25 runs. After that, it was all about putting the ball in the gap and walking towards the finishing line. After Wasem departed, courtesy of a horror call from the umpire, Chirag Suri ensured that FPV reached the victory shores without any further damage.

Jiju did get a tad slow in the second half of his innings but it is understandable when your team is in cruise control mode and the target is well within sight. The important thing, he carried his bat through and saw his team to victory. As for Abu Dhabi's bowling, apart from skipper Yodhin Punja, none of the other bowlers turned up and caused any sort of problems to the batsmen.

Abu Dhabi have now lost two in two and their fortunes in the tournament hang by a thread. They have another match coming up later in the evening and the team will be hoping that it can get over the line and get the crucial two points to end its winless streak. So, that was that from our side. Until next time, this is Abhinav Singh and my partner Anurag Hegde signing off. Good night! Stay gold!
Over: 6 | Summary: 1lb 0 1w 6 Bowler: Mohammad Irfan Ayub Score: 0/0
5.3 Mohammad Irfan to Chirag Suri, SIX! LOVELY FINISH! It was a length ball on the hips and the batsman played a lovely flick over backward square leg for a maximum! Fujairah win by 9 wickets!
5.3 Mohammad Irfan to Chirag Suri, WIDE down the leg-side. SCORES LEVEL!
5.2 Mohammad Irfan to Chirag Suri, length ball outside off stump that rises sharply on the batsman, he bails out of the shot and lets it go through to the keeper
5.1 Mohammad Irfan to Jiju Janardhanan, yorker on the pads, batsman fails to get bat on it but they sneak a leg bye as the ball rolls towards fine-leg. 2 runs required now
Muhammad Irfan [1-0-12-1] to bowl his final over

So the game goes into the sixth over as Jiju seems content to be doing it in singles. Punja bowling an excellent over, giving away only two runs. However, one reckons, he should have bowled earlier in the innings. 3 runs required in 30 deliveries 
Over: 5 | Summary: 1 0 0 0 0 1 Bowler: Yodhin Punja Score: 67/1
4.6 Yodhin Punja to Jiju Janardhanan, slower full delivery on off stump, batsman runs it down towards short-third man and takes a single
4.5 Yodhin Punja to Jiju Janardhanan, length ball outside off stump, batsman was looking to run it down to third-man but failed to connect again, 4 in a row!
4.4 Yodhin Punja to Jiju Janardhanan, length ball on middle stump, batsman looks to pull across the line but gets hit on the thigh pad. Three dots in a row! 
4.3 Yodhin Punja to Jiju Janardhanan, full ball on middle stump, batsman drives it straight back to the bowler. Jiju seems to be in no hurry to finish the game in this over
4.2 Yodhin Punja to Jiju Janardhanan, length ball outside off stump, batsman attempts a cut but fails to make contact
4.1 Yodhin Punja to Chirag Suri, full ball outside off stump, the batsman played a classy lofted drive but the man at deep cover came across and kept it down to one. 4 required in 35 balls
Yodhin Punja [1-0-11-0] to bowl the fifth over, which by most estimates should be the last over of the game

Muhammad Waseem would definitely be having a word with the umpire after the game. the ball was clearly drifting down the leg. However, his replacement Chirag Suri opened the scoring with a delightful six over the sightscreen and the Fujairah Pacific Ventures are nearly home. 5 required in 36 deliveries.
Over: 4 | Summary: 0 1 W 6 1 4 Bowler: Mohammad Irfan Ayub Score: 65/1
3.6 Mohammad Irfan to Jiju Janardhanan, FOUR! This is poor from Abu Dhabi! It was a full ball on off stump and the batsman drove it towards cover and a mis-field meant that it ran away to the boundary!
3.5 Mohammad Irfan to Chirag Suri, full ball outside off stump, batsman drives it to extra cover and takes a single
3.4 Mohammad Irfan to Chirag Suri, SHOT! SIX! What a way to get off the mark! It was right in the slot on middle stump and the batsman smoked it right back over the bowler's head for a maximum! 
Chirag Suri, RHB, walks out to bat at no. 3
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