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Dubai Pulse Secure 119/7 (20 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures 120/6 (19.1 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Rohan Mustafa
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting Dream11 Emirates D20 Tournament. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Pradeep Somashekar, signing off.
Being Sent into BAT first, Dubai Pulse Secure got off to a weary start with 25/2 from the first 6 powerplay overs. Skipper Shahrukh Sheikh held the innings and scored 38 runs from 27 balls before being sent back to the pavilion. Punya Mehra and Omer Farooq, both added 14 runs to the scorecard but soon followed the procession and Dubai kept on losing wickets at regular intervals. From the bowling department, Aayan Khan and Akif Raja took 2 wickets each and restricted the run flow. Skipper Ahmed Raza bowled brilliantly and took 1 wicket while conceding only 12 runs from his 4 overs. Dubai Pulse Secure toiled hard and finished on 119/7 from their 20 overs.
Chasing 120 runs from 20 overs, Fujairah Pacific Ventures went off to a great start with 39/0 after the first 5 overs and they looked to chase the target down with ease. But soon after, wickets started tumbling and runs were very hard to come by. Sandeep Singh added a run-a-ball 16 while Waseem Muhammad contributed 13 runs from 19 balls at the very beginning. But it was all about Roham Mustafa, who guided his team towards victory. He batted sensibly, hitting the balls on their merit, and played a superb knock to guide his team home. He got dismissed on 62 runs but by then, the damage was done. From the bowling department, Tahir Latif bowled exceptionally and took 3 wickets, conceding only 16 runs from his 4 overs. Omer Farooq ad Muhammad Hassan also took 1 wicket each. The match went down to the wire, but thanks to the brilliant knock from Rohan Mustafa, Fujairah reached 120/6  19.1 overs with 5 balls to spare.

Fujairah Pacific Ventures thus win this thrilling contest by 4 wickets and record their 2nd victory of the tournament in as many matches
End of the innings
Fujairah Pacific Ventures 120/6 from 19.1 overs

Fujairah Pacific Ventures win the match by 4 wickets 
19.1 Nilansh Keswani to Hamdan Tahir, tossed up, much quicker, wide outside off, Hamdan throws his bat it and lofts it over the short third-man fielder, that runs away to the fence but the fielder doesn't give up, chases it but it doesn't matter as Hamdan gets those 2 runs and Fujairah win this just and win this by 4 wickets in the end, thanks to a brilliant innings from Rohan!
End of the penultimate over
Fujairah Pacific Ventures 0/0
Extras Given : 11
2 runs needed from 6 balls
Over: 19 | Summary: 1 2 W 1 W 1w 2 Bowler: Muhammad Hassan Score: 118/6
18.6 Muhammad Hassan to Ahmed Raza, sloppy, very sloppy from Dubai here. That was a slower one, Ahmed plays it with soft hands and the ball lobs up in the air, fielder from backward point runs forward to stop the single, he shies at the stumps and they conceded another in the end, 2 runs taken. Comedy of Errors from the fielding team.
18.6 Muhammad Hassan to Ahmed Raza, WIDE! Strange decision, Raza moves too much across the crease to whip it away and sprayed down the leg side and Umpire calls that a wide
18.5 Muhammad Hassan to Sandeep Singh, OUT! Slower delivery, it was short and rush of blood from Sandeep as he goes for the pull, doesn't have any pace on that, straight down the deep square leg fielder's throat and another wicket goes. Unnecessary risks taken and simply paid the price. Sandeep Singh departs scoring 16 runs from 16 balls.
18.4 Muhammad Hassan to Ahmed Raza, slower delivery, outside off, Raza waits for it and gently taps it on the off-side, picks up a quick single
18.3 Muhammad Hassan to Rohan Mustafa, RUN-OUT! Comedy of errors. That was back of a length, outside off, Rohan looks to tap and run but ends up hitting it back to the bowler, he takes off but Sandeep isn't moved and the bowler runs and whips the bails off, a brilliant innings from Rohan comes to an end. Rohan gets dismissed after his blinder of an innings. 62 runs from 53 balls, he has done what his team needed from him.
18.2 Muhammad Hassan to Rohan Mustafa, another slower one, it was on the good length, on the off stump, Rohan moves across and tucks it away gently, comes back for a second, brilliant running once again!
18.1 Muhammad Hassan to Sandeep Singh, slower one delivery, it was full on the pads, Sandeep whips this one away to the deep square leg region for a single
At the end of the 18th over
Fujairah Pacific Ventures 111/4
9 runs needed from 12 balls
Sandeep Singh is batting on 15 runs from 14 balls while Rohan Mustafa is unbeaten on 60 runs from 51 balls.
There is only one outcome of this match from here on. Dubai Pulse Secure are surely done for the day. 
Over: 18 | Summary: 1 4 1 1 1 2 Bowler: Omer Farooq Score: 111/4
17.6 Omer Farooq to Rohan Mustafa, full delivery, on the off stump, Rohan positions himself to scoop that one as well but doesn't get it, he ends up tapping it on the off-side and picks up a couple of runs in the end, good running
17.5 Omer Farooq to Sandeep Singh, short delivery, angled away from Sandeep who lofts it over the inner circlet, sweeper over comes across and they pick up just a single
17.4 Omer Farooq to Rohan Mustafa, full delivery on the off stump, in the blockhole, Rohan digs it out, down to long-off for a single
17.3 Omer Farooq to Sandeep Singh, on the good length, off stump line, Sandeep plays it late and hits it towards backward point region and they pick up a quick single
17.2 Omer Farooq to Sandeep Singh, FOUR! Third man is up and Sandeep thick edges past the short third-man fielder, runs away to the boundary, that was bowled on the good length, outside off, Sandeep comes on front foot to play and gets a thick edge. Beautifully guided through the thrid-man region and Fujairah seem to be destined for the victory from here on.
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