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Team Abu Dhabi 118/1 (10 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures won by 21 runs.
Thank you for joining us. Hope you enjoyed our live coverage of this match. The next match between Ajman Alubond and Sharjah Bukhatir XI will be right underway. Do join us there! 

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This game was a tale of two batsmen, really. If it was Waseem Muhammad scoring 91* off 31 deliveries for Fujairah in the first innings, it was Ali Abid scoring 83* off 36 balls for Team Abu Dhabi in the second. This valiant attempt from the opening batsman was not sufficient to take Team Abu Dhabi home. A little bit more support from the other end could have made a much closer match of it. The 15-year-old Kai Smith had a nightmare in the middle, scoring just 14 runs off 18 balls, which made all the difference in the end.

Sanchin Sharma was the standout bowler for Fujairah. He conceded just 6 runs off his two overs and picked up the only wicket to fall for Team Abu Dhabi. When we look at it in the context of the match in which Fujairah won by just 21 runs defending 139, the spell of Sanchin Sharma will be much more appreciated.

Even in the midst of this comprehensive victory, the skipper of Fujairah Pacific will not be happy with the fielding efforts. They dropped a number of catches, which could have been crucial in a closer match. The bowlers would also try to bring down the extras in the coming matches.
9.6 S. Ali Shan to S. Kai, Full delivery outside off hit to long-off. Just a solitary run off the final ball of the innings, and its a comprehensive victory for Fujairah Pacific Ventures.
9.5 S. Ali Shan to A. Ali, Slow delivery outside off hit to long-off off the toe-end of the bat. He couldn't time it well, and finally goes for the single. Kai will face the final delivery of the innings.
9.4 S. Ali Shan to A. Ali, Full toss on the pads hit to short fine leg and Ali refuses the single. He wants to make the most off the remaining 2 deliveries.
9.3 S. Ali Shan to A. Ali, Beautiful yorker on the leg stump well kept away. Good bit of cricket in the middle, excellent ball from the bowler, and the batsman rising to the occassion.
9.3 S. Ali Shan to A. Ali, wide delivery outside off. The skipper won't be happy with the number of extras that they have given away.
9.2 S. Ali Shan to A. Ali, FOUR! An orange cut runs away to fine leg taking Ali into the 80s. This innings has been a mixture of some good hitting and missed chances for Ali. 
9.1 S. Ali Shan to A. Ali, SIX! Full toss smacked over deep mid-wicket just over the fielder. It was a flatter one, and the fielder looked a bit interested there, but saw it sail over his head in the end.
9.1 S. Ali Shan to A. Ali, Short delivery outside the wide line. Way outside the wide mark, and the umpire stretches his hands.
8.6 P. Sheraz to A. Ali, Low full toss on the stumps pushed to long-on. A single to end the over, and Team Abu Dhabi are more or less out of the game here. 
8.5 P. Sheraz to A. Ali, SIX! Low full toss outside off, lofted over deep covers for a maximum! Anything loose has been punished by Ali tonight. Fantastic shot over the covers.
8.4 P. Sheraz to S. Kai, Full toss on the stumps hit to long-off for an easy run. Kai continues to get the ball away. It has been a real struggle for him tonight.
8.3 P. Sheraz to A. Ali, Full delivery outside off, mishit to long-on for a single. Fujairah will be delighted with this stuff from Sheraz.
8.3 P. Sheraz to A. Ali, Full toss well outside off, declared a wide ball! Another extra given away. This might hurt them in a closer match.
8.2 P. Sheraz to S. Kai, Smith tried to scoop it from outside off and he edged it to square leg for a single
8.1 P. Sheraz to A. Ali, Yorker on middle stump dug out towards long-on for a single
7.6 K. Hassan to A. Ali, Length delivery on off-stump dabbed to point for a quick single
7.5 K. Hassan to A. Ali, SIX! Dances down the wicket and sends the full toss over the sight screen with least effort! It was a well flighted delivery. He danced down the wicket, and picked it up before the ball got a chance to land.
7.4 K. Hassan to A. Ali, Full delivery on the pads, Ali gets an inside edge on the sweep and the batsmen collect two more
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