136/5 (10)
80/10 (9)
FUJ won by 56 runs.
Well, that would be all from the coverage of the first semifinal of the Abu Dhabi D 10 between Fujairah and Abu Dhabi. But please don't go anywhere as the second semifinal between Dubai and Sharjah gets underway shortly and later in the evening we will have the grand final! So stay logged on to Sportskeeda for all the action from Abu Dhabi D 10. For now, this is the commentary team of Prakhar and Pradeep signing off! 
Mujahid Amin wins the Player of the Match award for his hat-trick!

Mujahid Amin
: I am thankful for God. We have a good team unit. We have been unbeaten for 10 matches. The bowling unit has performed well. There was no planning for this match. I was hit for a few runs in the last two matches. But I focused on variations in this match. I pray to God that we win the final and win the trophy. I hope we deliver this time. 
Fujairah storm into the final in some style! This is the second hat-trick for Mujahid Amin in Abu Dhabi D10. This allround show will boost the confidence of Fujairah as they now wait for either Dubai or Sharjah in the title round. The final will be played later this evening after the conclusion of the second semifinal. 

Chasing 137 is 10 overs is never easy especially when the chasing side loses a wicket on the first ball of their innings. That is exactly what happened when Saqib Manshad dismissed Attah Urrahim. Abu Dhabi could never get a hold of the chase. It was a procession of wickets for Abu Dhabi in the first five overs which saw them lose five wickets. Ghulam Murtaza played a fighting knock of just 20 but he could not do much as he kept losing partners from the other end. Then late in the Abu Dhabi innings, with the match already within their grasp, Mujahid Amin decided to have some fun with his spin as he picked three wickets in three balls to complete his second Abu Dhabi D10 hat-trick and wrap up a comprehensive win for Fujairah. 

Earlier, Fujairah ended with 136/4 from their allocated 10 overs. Fujairah batters were to be credited for that monster effort as almost every man who walked out to bat swung his bat hard to keep the runs flowing. Ali Khan was the top scorer for Fujairah as he blasted 37 from just 15 hitting two fours and three sixes. Asif Khan was also impressive in his knock of 34 from just 14 balls hitting three fours and the same number of sixes. There were valuable contributions also from Waseem Muhammad, Usman Khan and Omer Farooq. In bowling, only Dilawar Khan Orakzai stood out with his leg spin as he returned with the figures of 2/13 from his two overs. 
80 /10 score
cricket bat icon Mohammad Irfan Ayub
6 (6)
cricket bat icon Faisal Shah *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Mujahid Amin
3 /3
8.6 Mujahid Amin to Shah Faisal, OUT! HAT-TRICK! Amin picks up the hat-trick here, short on the middle and off as Faisal on the backfoot looks to turn it away but he gets the leading edge around the non-striker end, Amin moves to his right and pouches it and Abu Dhabi are bowled out here as Fujairah storm into the finals of this season!
Mujahid Amin on a Hat-Trick! 
8.5 Mujahid Amin to Dilawar Khan Orakzai, OUT! CLEANED HIM UP! Two in two for Amin, drops it short but he tosses up a bit this time, Orakzai went for the big hoick across the line and misses, goes through to crash on to the stumps.
Dilawar Khan Orakzai walks out to bat. 
8.4 Mujahid Amin to Mohammad Zubair, OUT! STUMPED! Drops it short on the off-stump and turns away as Zubair charges down the track to heave it but misses, the keeper collects and whips the bails off and Zubair doesn't bother getting back!
8.3 Mujahid Amin to Mohammad Irfan Ayub, darts the yorker on the stumps, Ayub on the backfoot just gets some bat on it as he inside edge's to short fine-leg to pick up another sharp single.
8.2 Mujahid Amin to Mohammad Zubair, length delivery on the off-stump as Zubair sweeps that one across the line towards deep square-leg for another single.
8.1 Mujahid Amin to Mohammad Irfan Ayub, full delivery on the stumps, Ayub drills that one down to long-on region for a single.
A wicket and just six runs from the over. The sorry state of affairs continue for Abu Dhabi. Their batters caved in under the pressure of a huge total. Abu Dhabi could now look to bat out for the next two overs. 
77 /7 score
cricket bat icon Mohammad Irfan Ayub
4 (4)
cricket bat icon Muhammad Zubair Khan *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Raja Akifullah Khan
2 /19
7.6 Raja Akifullah Khan to Mohammad Zubair, length delivery on the outside off, Zubair throws his bat to it as he mistimes it straight to mid-off for a dot to finish the over.
Mohammad Zubair walks out to bat.
7.5 Raja Akifullah Khan to Ghulam Murtaza, OUT! PICKS OUT DEEP SQUARE-LEG FIELDER! Back of the hand slower one, short on the off-stump as Murtaza pulls that one away, not much power behind, goes straight down the fielder's throat and Abu Dhabi sink deeper.
7.4 Raja Akifullah Khan to Mohammad Irfan Ayub, full delivery on the wide of off-stump as Ayub goes low reaching for it and gets the top edge over the covers as they pick up another single.
7.4 Raja Akifullah Khan to Mohammad Irfan Ayub, WIDE! Full delivery angles it and strays it down the leg-side as Umpire calls that a wide.
7.3 Raja Akifullah Khan to Ghulam Murtaza, full on the off-stump, Murtaza inside the crease on the backfoot drills it down to long-off for another single.