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Gemcon Khulna 157/9 (20 ov)
Gazi Group Chattogram 162/7 (20 ov)
Chattogram won by 3 wickets
Player of the match: Shamsur Rahman
So that is that from our side, this is Abhinav Singh and my partner, Maanas Upadhyay signing off. Until next time, stay safe, stay indoors, keep washing your hands and also, keep tuning in to Sportskeeda for your daily dose of sporting action! Good night fellas! 
Muhammad Mithun (Winning Captain): Yeah, obviously, when you win like this, everyone is happy and confident. I told Mustafizur that he was capable of hitting. I am not happy with myself, as I have not performed well. There is lot of dew, the bowlers showed their character today!
Shamshur Rahman is the Man of the match
Mahmudullah (the losing captain): It was a good game. It went to the wire. I can't blame anyone but unfortunately, we are on the losing side. Al Amin's strength was to bowl slow leg cutters in the pitch but he couldn't land them. Last two or three overs, it was really hazy, I couldn't see anything! The catch that I dropped in the 19th over could have changed the game. That mistake caused us the game
Gazi Group Chattogram win by 3 wickets

What a humdinger of a match we've just witnessed! The GGC side which looked down and out throughout the first 17 overs of the innings suddenly activated the beats mode and snatched a victory right from the jaws of defeat to leave the Mahmudullah led Gemcon Khulna side perplexed!

The chase was off to a horror start as Liton Das perished in the second over at the measly score of 4 against the guile of old fox Shakib Al Hasan. Soumya Sarkar and Mahmudul Hasan Joy who walked out at no. 3 played some cricketing shots to amp up the scoring run rate but against the run of play, Joy gifted his wicket to Shuvahgat Hom in his first over.

Soumya Sarkar who never looked in any sort of rhythm gifted his wicket to Shakib as he finished with figures of 4-0-30-2. Skipper Mohammad Mithun tried to play a brave hand but he too departed on the score of 23. In walked Shamsur Rahman, who started off slowly but gradually put his foot on the accelerator! 

It was the 18th over when the age started turning in favour of GGC as Hasan Mahmud was belted for two boundaries by Rahman. And the turning point came in the very next over when Mahmudullah at mid off dropped a soda and gave a reprieve to Rahman, which eventually proved too costly.

Al-Amin would have backed himself to defend 9 runs in the last over and he nearly got the jib done when GGC required 2 off the last delivery. However, Shamsur Rahman had other plans as he clobbered a short of length delivery over midwicket for a huge SIX to seal the catch for their side. 
Over: 20 | Summary: 0 4 1 1 1b 6 Bowler: Al-Amin Hossain Score: 162/7
19.6 Al-Amin Hossain to Shamsur Rahman, SIX! SHAMSUR FINISHES OFF IN STYLE! Length ball on the middle stump, Shamsur dispatched that over square-leg for a huge maximum! What a game we have witnessed here!
FINAL DELIVERY COMING UP! Place your bets, fellas, for a superover!
19.5 Al-Amin Hossain to Mustafizur Rahman, OH MY! They have scampered through for the bye! Length ball outside off that evades a wild swing by Fizz. The keeper had all the time in the world to throw at the stumps but missed it by a whisker! 2 runs required on the final ball!
19.4 Al-Amin Hossain to Shamsur Rahman, length ball on the off stump, Shamsur pats that down towards point for a quick single. 3 runs needed off 2 deliveries now! The coach in the dugout is puzzled as to why a set Rahman took a leisurely single!
19.3 Al-Amin Hossain to Mustafizur Rahman, full ball outside off, Fizz drags that towards deep mid-wicket for a single. 4 runs needed off 3 deliveries now! This game could still go anywhere! Someone fancy a superover?
19.2 Al-Amin Hossain to Mustafizur Rahman, FOUR! STREAKY! Full ball on the off stump, Mustafizur goes for the hoick but ends up getting a thick inside edge that runs away to the deep backward square leg fence! Captain Mahmadullah is raging in fury! 5 runs required in 4 deliveries!
19.1 Al-Amin Hossain to Mustafizur Rahman, no run, length ball on the off stump angling away, Fizz looks to heave that away but is unable to connect. Dot ball! NO! FIZZ! Take a single and get off the strike! 9 required off 5 deliveries!
FINAL 6 DELIVERIES COMING UP! 9 required in 6!

Mustafizur Rahman walks out to bat at no. 9. Al-Amin Hossain [3-0-26-1] to bowl the final over

The duo of Nahidul and Shamsur, out of nowhere have turned the game on its head. A couple of overs back, no one would have given any chance to GGC but now they are comfortably in the driving seat! However, Nahidul perished on the last ball to once again bring a late twist in the match!
Over: 19 | Summary: 2 6 0 2 6 W Bowler: Shuvagata Hom Score: 149/7
18.6 Shuvagata Hom to Nahidul Islam, OUT! CAUGHT! Low full toss outside off, Islam looks to go big once again but ends up holing out to the fielder at long off! However, he has already done the damage!
18.5 Shuvagata Hom to Nahidul Islam, SIX! BANG! WHAT A SHOT! Full ball on the middle stump spinning in, Islam once again clears his front foot and sends that sailing over the fielder at deep mid-wicket for a huge maximum! The skipper is furious! Not the sight, you would like to see!
18.4 Shuvagata Hom to Nahidul Islam, full ball on the middle stump, Islam clears his front foot and drills that towards long on for a couple of runs. 
18.3 Shuvagata Hom to Nahidul Islam, no run, full ball on the pads darted in, the batsman looks to heave it but fails to get bat on ball. Islam should steer away from hara-kiri of any kind!
18.2 Shuvagata Hom to Nahidul Islam, SIX! BOOM! Full ball outside off, Islam gets down on one knee and punishes that straight back over the bowler's head for a huge maximum! FELLAS! This game just got a bit delicious!
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