128/0 (10)
119/8 (10)
GOR won by 9 runs.
Player of the match: Suman Ghimire
A close finish to the game then as Gorkha manage to defend their total eventually. They bowled well, fielded better and kept picking wickets as well. Amir Zaib was fighting a lone battle for Malo with his brilliant 67 but once he was gone, it was curtains for them as they came close, but good enough though. 

Two wickets for skipper Thapa for Gorkha who led well with the front from the ball. Two wickets for Naseem as well and a good bowling effort from them to inflict another victory. Their batsmen set it up well for them earlier and the runs proved to be just enough in the end. 

Not quite the day for Malo as they lost both their games. They were poor with the ball and all those dropped opportunities costed them the game as it was pretty close towards the finish. None of the other batsmen could get themselves going as well and they have got plenty to learn from both their defeats. 

That is all we have from this game then. More ECS action coming your way as we head into the final game of the day. Stay tuned as this is Rishab and Raghav singing off! 
Done and dusted! A pretty close finish but it is Gorkha who have held their nerves towards the end to wrap this up. A nine-run victory in the end as Malo eventually fall short! 
118 /8 score
cricket bat icon Junaid Ali 2
1 (2)
cricket bat icon Jayesh Popat *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Arslan Naseem
2 /24
9.6 A.Naseem to J.Ali, slower delivery on the leg side, Ali tries to play it on the leg side but gets hit on the pads! Malo lose 2 in a row!
9.5 A.Naseem to J.Ali, OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! Slower delivery outside the off stump which kept low, Junaid comes out of his crease trying to slash the ball but gets a faint inside edge to the keeper who takes a regulation catch
Gorkha are closing this up nicely now. Another wicket and Malo are losing this in the pressure moments. 10 off 2. Can Malo still pull this off? 
9.4 A.Naseem to A.Mehmood, OUT! Excellent bouncer from Naseem, Mehmood goes out of his crease and tries to pull the ball but he mistimes it straight into the hands of the man at deep midwicket
9.3 A.Naseem to A.Mehmood, BEATEN! Blockhole length delivery outside the off stump, Mehmood tries to carve the ball on the on side but does not get any bat on ball
Zaib is gone! What a brilliant throw and this could just be it for Gorkha here! Massive moment in the game. This is a huge huge blow! 
9.2 A.Naseem to A.Zaib, OUT! DRAMA AND MORE DRAMA! Zaib played the length delivery towards deep long off, he ran the first one hard and looked for the second running at the safe end but the throw was a direct hit to keeper's end where Zaib was running! He fell short and goes out after completing a single
9.1 A.Naseem to A.Zaib, FOUR! 11 from 5 now! Short pitched delivery on the body, Zaib picks it up perfectly and smashes it over the square leg region for a one bounce boundary!
Quite an eventful over this. Bhardwaj did pick up a wicket but he has been poor in the rest of the over. A decision that might just cost Gorkha the game. Excellent batting from Zaib under tremendous pressure. Down to the final over now with Malo needed 15. Can Zaid pull this off for his side? As interesting as it can get! 
114 /5 score
cricket bat icon Amir Zaib *
62 (26)
cricket bat icon Junaid Ali 2
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Rahul Bhardwaj
1 /26
8.6 R.Bhardwaj to A.Zaib, short pitched delivery outside the off stump, played towards mid on for a single
8.5 R.Bhardwaj to J.Ali, length delivery on the pads, pushed towards square leg for a single
8.4 R.Bhardwaj to A.Zaib, short and wide outside off delivery, cut towards sweeper cover for a single
8.3 R.Bhardwaj to A.Zaib, SIX! Half volley just outside the off stump, Zaib reaches out to it and smashes it over the cow corner region for a maximum
8.3 R.Bhardwaj to A.Zaib, wide down the leg side
8.2 R.Bhardwaj to A.Zaib, FOUR! Full delivery outside the off stump, Zaib moves across his stumps and smashes the ballon the leg side between square leg and fine leg
8.2 R.Bhardwaj to A.Zaib, wide outside off stump, pitching on the blockhole length