Gorkha 11 77/5 (10 ov)
Malo CC Vilamoura 81/6 (9.3 ov)
Malo CC Vilamoura beat Gorkha 11 by 4 wickets.
Player of the match: Imran Khan Jr.
What.a.match. This turned out to be an intense battle than most people predicted it. After restricting Gokha to a par score on this wicket and considering the rollicking start they had in the first two overs, the chase looked like a walk in the park for MCCV. But Imran bowled a fantastic second over where he conceded just two runs and picked up a vital wicket off Ikram. 

Mian got dismissed in the next over too, and wickets continued to tumble in the middle overs for Malco CC Vilamoura. Despite the wickets falling at one end, MCCV batters made sure they scored the boundaries at regular intervals to keep themselves in the chase. With 21 needed from the final three, Absar Alam picked up two wickets but he was smashed for a huge six in the first ball of the final over by Syed Maisam to reduce the tension that was building in MCCV  dugout. Overall, it turned out to be a close match but the better team won the contest. Hope you enjoyed the coverage. Until then, this is Pragadeesh, signing off on behalf of my fellow colleague Abhinav Singh. Cheers
Over: 10 | Summary: 6 1 4 Bowler: Absar Alam Score: 0/0
9.3 Absar Islam to Syed Ali, THAT WILL BE THAT FOR MALO! FOUR! Fuller length ball sprayed down the legside. Syed gets inside the line of the ball and flicks it off his hips down to the vacant fine leg region for a boundary to kill the chase and reach the victory shores!
9.2 Absar Islam to Syed Maisam, back of length delivery bowled outside off. Syed, sitting deep in the crease drills the ball powerfully down the ground to long off for a single
9.1 Absar Islam to Syed Maisam, SIX! DISPATCHED! Half volley bowled on middle and legstump. Syed backs away and whips the ball off his pads for a delightful maximum over the deep square leg fielder who could only see it sail over his head 
8 runs needed from the final six. Absar Alam to bowl the final over
Over: 9 | Summary: W 2 0 1w 1 W 0 Bowler: Sripal Matta Score: 70/6
8.6 Sripal Matta to Syed Ali, slow length ball angling across from the batsman. Syed plunges on the front foot and eases the ball towards the cover-point fielder. Maisam at the non-striker's end refuses the single. Strange, huh?
It was a double-whammy from Matta. This is turning out to be an edge-of-the-seat thriller at the moment.
8.5 Sripal Matta to Zulfiqar Shah, CAUGHT! STUNNER! Overpitched ball bowled on the fifth stump line. The new batsman tried to guide the ball down to third man but got a thick outside edge as the keeper leapt to his left and took a brilliant diving catch. Golden Duck for Shah
8.4 Sripal Matta to Syed Maisam, fuller length ball angling down the leg. Syed tries to flick the ball down to square leg but gets a leading edge to cover point where it falls just short if the fielder 
8.4 Sripal Matta to Syed Maisam, fuller length ball bowled well outside off the tramlines. WIDE signalled by the umpire 
8.3 Sripal Matta to Syed Maisam, WHOA! Yorker length ball bowled in the blockhole outside off. Syed tries to jam his bat on this one but fails to make any contact 
8.2 Sripal Matta to Syed Maisam, short of good length delivery angling into the ribcage of the batsman. Syed gets inside the line of the ball and flicks it off his hips to deep fine leg region for a couple 
8.1 Sripal Matta to Zafar Ali, OUT! BRILLIANT CATCH! Back of length delivery angling away from the batsman. Zafar charged down the track and tried to flat bat the ball over the long on fielder but could not clear him as he dived in front of himself and took a good, smart catch to send the danger man packing 
They can literally do it in singles. 12 needed from the final two. Matta to bowl his final over

Alam picks up the important wicket of Naib at a crucial time. An unfortunate way to lose a wicket as the ball didn't bounce as much as Naib wanted and it stuck the on pads.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1w W 1 4 1 1 1lb Bowler: Absar Alam Score: 0/0
7.6 Absar islam to Zafar Ali, slow, back of length delivery angling into the batsman who was moving away from the stumps. The ball keeps a tad low and hits him on unmentionables  and lobs to short point for a single off leg bye 
7.5 Absar islam to Syed Maisam, short of good length delivery going down the leg. Syed pulls the ball to short square and collects a quick single
7.4 Absar islam to Zafar Ali, fuller length ball on the middle and legstump. Ali taps the ball down to long on for a single
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