Oeiras 64/7 (10 ov)
Gorkha 11 66/2 (7 ov)
Gorkha 11 won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Mohammad Siraj Nipo
Convincing victory for Gorkha 11 in the end, getting past the target with ease, eight wickets and three overs to spare, making it a one-sided chase and game, as it very well looked like at the half-way marl of the game. All they needed was a good start at the top which they did get from their openers that ensured that they were on their way to winning this game. Suman Ghimire with his 27, top scoring followed by a brilliant 9-ball 22 from Siraj Nippo to take them to victory. 

Not much the Oeiras bowlers could really have done with the total that they were defending. Clearly short on runs that cost them the game as they were completely outplayed in all departments, being handed a crushing defeat. Just that kind of a game that they would like to forget and put behind soon as they will be taking on Gorkha 11 yet again in short time from now for the reverse fixture of the day. That will be an opportunity for them to comeback stronger and redeem themselves. 

Gorkha 11 will be very pleased with this performance, with the ball and the bat, putting up a brilliant all-round effort to outclass their opponents in a dominating victory. In the second fixture, they will want to carry this momentum and make it a double over Oeiras. That game surely promises to be another interesting clash for sure, stay around as we bring you the action from the game in some time. For the moment, this is Rishab and Bala as we take your leave!
Done with ease in the end and finished off in style as Gorkha 11 get past the target with three overs and eight wickets to spare in the end. Comprehensive victory this!
7.1 Kumar Rohit to Md Siraj Nipo, SIX! Length ball outside the off-stump, right in the slot for the batsman, he has enough room to free his arms and Nipo nails it straight back over the bowler's head. It is a NO BALL as well, which means Gorkha 11 has overhauled the target
A wicket going down but will not effect the result of this game as Gorkha inch closer to victory. Just a hit away now and they should be looking to end the game in this over!
59 /2 score
cricket ball icon Sunil Kumar
6.6 Sunil Kumar to Md Siraj Nipo, pushed through, short angling into the off-stump, guides it to short thirmdan and goes through
6.5 Sunil Kumar to Imran Khan, full ball on middle and leg, turns it away through the mid-wicket to the fielder in the deep
6.4 Sunil Kumar to Md Siraj Nipo, tossed right up and ends up as a low full toss, plays it softly to the left of short mid-wicket
6.3 Sunil Kumar to Imran Khan, fractionally short of a good length outside off, guides it late to the right of short thirdman
6.2 Sunil Kumar to Imran Khan, length delivery outside the off-stump, punches it off the back foot straight to covers
6.1 Sunil Kumar to Azhar Andani, OUT! Short of a good length, goes back and pulls it flat. Times it well but it is hit straight to the fielder at deep square leg
6.1 Sunil Kumar to Azhar Andani, tossed up delivery wide of the off-stump, flirts with the tramline on its way
Brilliant over for Gorkha and they seem to be in a hurry to wrap this up now. Terrific hitting and they are just a couple of hits away from winning this game. Excellent chase from them this has been totally dominating the game!
54 /1 score
cricket ball icon Md Fakhrul Hussain
5.6 Mohon M F Hussain to Md Siraj Nipo, SIX! Length ball on the stumps, backs away and goes over the covers this time. Right off the middle of the bat and clears the fence once again
5.5 Mohon M F Hussain to Md Siraj Nipo, SIX! Full ball on the leg-stump, just whips it nonchalantly off the pads with no intention to keep it down, clears the square leg fence
5.4 Mohon M F Hussain to Md Siraj Nipo, full ball on the off-stump, plays the check drive and clears the fielder at mid-off. The outfield is not quick enough though
5.3 Mohon M F Hussain to Md Siraj Nipo, fuller ball on the stumps, flicks it straight to the fielder at mid-wicket
5.2 Mohon M F Hussain to Md Siraj Nipo, good length ball on top of off, tries to move in and flick it over the on-side but makes no connection
5.1 Mohon M F Hussain to Azhar Andani, short of a length outside the off-stump, guides it late to thirdmn
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